Teach Me

“You have been eating sushi with your fingers this whole evening, does it mean that you don’t know how to use chopsticks?” Taeyeon asked with amusement while raising her eyebrows and questioning my eating habit. Truth be told, I do know how to use chopsticks and I have been eating that way for at least 10 years, but tonight I decided to throw my ‘skills’ away and just enjoy this little date. I didn’t expect this kind of ‘amusing’ reaction from my girlfriend though. Her eyes tells me that she might think of something that I’ll certainly like, so who am I not to use this opportunity for my own advantage.

“Mmm… no.”

Just like I guessed Taeyeon smiled intrigued and walked around the table settling behind me. Luckily, we chose to order food and enjoy our dinner in Tae’s apartment or other people in restaurant setting might have looked weirdly at such scene in front of their eyes.

“Well… I guess this means I have to teach you.” I could hear excitement coming from her voice, and I loved it. I’m pretty sure the same could be said in Taeyeon’s case.

I don’t know why, or when it started, but whenever Taeyeon finds out that there is something that I’m not familiar with, or something that I don’t excel in, she finds it her own task to teach me how to do it. At times, it is quite funny because she’s not good at things herself, so she has to learn it first, before giving me lessons.

I couldn’t count on my fingers how many new things she showed me in these couple of years, but I do have few that I remember time after time and smile to myself. For example, the time when Taeyeon teach me how to ride a bike. I think I do have to mention that I was scared of those things. Luckily for me, she was very patient and we probably looked funny from the side. Taeyeon ran after the bike while holding to it and finally let go in the same way that parents do to their children. I have to say she was just as excitement as me with our success.

Another memorable moment was the time when Taeyeon tough me how to bake cookies. I’m not a good cook and she’s the one that makes us food whenever we’re staying in, but Taeyeon wanted to try something new and was determined enough to force me into it. I wasn’t very successful (the first 10 times) but with time I got better and I can proudly say that today I can make (almost) decent cookies that my girlfriend eats every single time without complaining.

I mean… I don’t think I’m that good, since Yoona tried one once and spit it out. She’s not someone who says ‘no’ to food, so it was a good giveaway, but Taeyeon keeps on saying that I’m getting better every time and never backs away from eating the treats, so I’m not one to complain.

But let’s go back to the current – most important moment, shall we? It is not the first time when I’m acting that I don’t know how to do something, to see my girlfriend in ‘confident and determined’ action, so I’m truly curious how she’ll handle me this time.

“I think this might get messy,” I commented holding in my victorious smirk.

“We shall see. But I don’t mind. Even though I do find you sexy while you’re eating with your fingers… that’s a bit distracting.”

We both laughed at the same time, since let’s make this clear – my girlfriend is a proud pervert and I have learn to both accept and enjoy this side of hers.

Taeyeon grabbed the chopsticks with her left hand while placing them into my right hand, positioning my fingers around them. Then she guided the chopstick-holding hand to the sushi and successfully manipulated my fingers until I picked up a piece and dipped into soy sauce. After this, she lifted it towards my mouth.

I could have ended this successfully, but I wouldn’t be – ME, if I won’t do this a bit differently. Also, who succeeds at their first try? That’s just absurd.

So instead, I made sure that my hand shook a little and let the sushi slide away when it was almost in my mouth. It fell down and for a moment I cursed at myself for not counting the right time, since I can feel rice and fish both on my neck and somewhere south under my t-shirt.

I change my mind about cursing when I hear Taeyeon chuckling at the scene and she decides to help me out with lowering her mouth and tasting rice from my neck.

“Should I help you with the rest too?” I could practically hear her smiling, though I can’t see my girlfriend’s face at the moment.

“Mmm” I hear my quiet moan, while I’m considering the suggestion. “I though you want to teach me how to use chopsticks?”

Taeyeon snickered once again, while taking care of those things and leaving them on the table, planting another short kiss to my temple.

“I would love to teach you, since you know how much I like doing that, but it is a bit unfair, when you already know how to use chopsticks. Babe, it is not the first time we’re eating sushi together. I mean… it has been a while, but last time we did it… we sat in a restaurant and it didn’t seem like you found any trouble with handling these things.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my own stupidity. Of course, for a moment I did forget about our previous dates, but it is quite easy to lose your mind when Taeyeon gets closer to you, or when she’s sitting behind you and hugging you. Believe me, you would lose your mind in this kind of situation too.

“Damn… why you didn’t tell me?”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders while hugging me from behind and lowering her jaw to my temple.

“Well, I noticed that glint in your eyes when you got excited after my question, the same one I see every single time when I suggest teaching you something new. So I couldn’t pass out on this opportunity… also, it was one heck of a day and I wanted to hug and feed my girlfriend. Is that wrong?”

I had to give it to her. Taeyeon is indeed a sweet talker, she could probably successfully talk me into anything. “Far from it… so… will you keep on teaching me, babe?”

Once again, I didn’t need to see Taeyeon to know that she kept on smiling after hearing my question, and quickly she grabbed the chopsticks landing them back to my hand. “Of course. But… you do know that half of that sushi is somewhere behind your t-shirt, right? This is distracting me way more than you eating with your bare fingers.”

“Well… we can deal with it later… I’ll let you inspect and find the remains of that piece after we finish eating, how about that?”

Taeyeon chuckled and it was similar to a confirmation. “I can’t wait.”

Let’s face it – so can’t I.