Our Kind of Paradise

Kim Taeyeon 

This week has been crazy! First Tiffany told me that she’s in love with me and then – she asked me on a date! A DATE! Obviously, I told her yes. She’s drop dead gorgeous and I’m one of those people who believe that love has no gender. So I’m really excited to say that tonight is the night. I’m going on a date with Tiffany. She’s 1 years younger and a bit taller than me (it is not something I should pay attention to, but somehow it is one thing that I have always noticed. After all, my best friend Sunny is the only one who is smaller than me.) Luckily, I was saved from getting lost in these kind of thoughts after hearing a knock on the door.

“I’m getting ready! Leave me alone for a bit! “

I heard laughs from the other side of the door: Sunny and Sooyoung just had to walk inside and inspect how I look tonight.

“Taeng what exactly are you wearing for this date?”

Sooyoung (the most fashionable of three of us) asked raising her eyebrows. She was looking at my black dress.

“We are going to have dinner and then see a movie. Well… I’m not sure the actual order for this. But still… I want to look nice.” I pouted quite sure that Sooyoung will find some sort of flaw with my choice.

Sooyoung snorted “You always look nice. But you don’t need to overdo yourself. It is a first date. Not a funeral.”

My face burned bright red “Oh…”

I ran to my closet and grabbed another outfit and laid it out for them to see. It was quite similar dress to this one, but instead of black I chose blue one. This is my favorite color, after all.

“There. Happy now?”

Sunny giggled “Good choice!”

They finally understood that I’m too nervous for pointless conversations and walked out. I heard Sooyoung running down the stairs and shouting at Yoona that she should leave her at least one slice of pizza. Not surprised here: Sooyoung easily forgets about other people problems when there is food involved, while Sunny is probably texting one of her guys. All is left for me to do is get ready and wait…





Tiffany Hwang


I put on skinny jeans and a nice pink top. I was ready to go get Taeyeon, but gosh why I am so nervous?! I haven’t had this problem before… but truth be told, I have never dated a girl either, so maybe that’s the reason… or the reason might be the fact that I haven’t actually dated someone that I really liked… most of the time I was just looking for a good time, but this time I was in too deep.

Anyway… that’s besides the point! Luckily, I heard Sooyoung running down the stairs and screaming at Yoona which brought me back to this moment. I walked out of my room grabbing my wallet and turning off the lights.

I waked down the hallway to my roommates door and knocked twice.

No answer.

“Taetae? You there?”

No answer.


Finally I heard some noises and soon she opened the door hugging me tightly. “YES! I mean… yes… I am. We can go.”

Afterwards, Taeyeon practically dragged me to get a car.

About 30 minutes later we arrived to the restaurant and ate. It was somehow endearing seeing Taeyeon laughing, giggling and blushing most of the time. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. But if you think that Taeyeon couldn’t get any cuter, you’re very wrong. I got to witness it when we finally went for the movie.

“Two adult tickets, please.”

The woman behind the glass smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry but… kids under 14 get kid tickets.”

This is when Taeyeon face palmed her face and sighed tiredly. “I’m 21.”

I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. I paid for our tickets (since it might have lasted a century until Taeyeon proven her point) and 15 minutes later we finally sat down inside the theater. Taeyeon pouted and complained at first, so I had to convince her that looking young is not something she should worry about.

She held my hand the entire movie. At the end of it, I looked over at her, our faces were inches apart.. I closed the gap (who could control themselves in such proximity?) and kissed her softly. Sadly, the kiss couldn’t last for long since the lights came back, people started standing up and leaving the place, and I had no other choice but to pull away.

We left the cinema and discussed our date smiling like teenagers in love. I was smiling, Taeyeon was blushing.

“Best date ever!” we said at the same time and laughed afterwards.

Taeyeon grabbed my hand and we went to the direction of our apartment.  Score Tiffany Hwang, now all you have to do is hold her tight and treat her right, and both of you will be alright. Damn I should probably stop talking to myself if I want this to work.