Drive Me Crazy [In Process]

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

PG-13; ex girlfriends, same apartment, three months. What could possibly go wrong?

[Part 1] 



The Only One I Care About [COMPLETE]

Pairing: Taeyeon/Jessica.

G; If a story starts with tears… should it end with a smile?

[Part 1]   [Part 2]



Irreplaceable [COMPLETE]

Pairing: Taeyeon/Jessica.

G; Nothing is easy in love, but the saddest thing is when you lose it, especially if you had never imagined your life without that other person. There are times when other people get in between and ruin it, unknowingly to the two who are in love. This story concentrates on a painful break up (that probably shouldn’t even count as one) of Taeyeon and Jessica, and a second chance 6 years later.

[Part 1]   [Part 2]



Oneshots + Drabbles


Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.
G; Inspired by Nick Jonas – Chains. I would suggest listening to it while reading the story.


[#2] The Girl Who Snores

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

Genre: romance, comedy, fluff.

G; Tiffany describes how difficult it is to have a girlfriend that snores. In her words: it is like orchestra coming from Taeyeon’s mouth. But at the same time she also describes how she loves Taeyeon, even with this flaw.


[#3] Do’s and Don’ts

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

G; Taeyeon and Tiffany makes a list of things what they want from each other.


[#4] Our Kind of Paradise

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

G; Excitement of first date, from the point of two.


[#5] Teach Me

Pairing: Taeyeon/Tiffany.

G; Taeyeon loves teaching her girlfriend new things. Tiffany, wouldn’t be Tiffany, if she didn’t use this knowledge to her own advantage.