Drive Me Crazy (1)

They broke up. Hurtful words were said to each other, some things that you couldn’t take back even if you want to. They said enough – to the point were you don’t want to look at each others face ever again.

One rushed out of the apartment with a loud bang of the door, while the other just stood still.

There was no turning back after it since both knew that neither will apologize or try to save this three years relationship.

It was kind of ironic that a saying – love last three years – existed in their situation. Falling out of love, that what happened naturally, slowly. At the same time it was like a constant reminder that they failed.

Promises of forever that both made years ago faded into black. It seemed like that’s the end of the road and they won’t even need to see each others faces again.

Of course… fate had a different plan this time round.

“Wait… you’re joking around, right?”

Sunny couldn’t believed that she just heard. Hasn’t her friend Taeyeon suffered enough already?

“For how long? Three months?”

Taeyeon looked down and sigh. The smaller tired girl seemed defeated at this point. She couldn’t keep up with what Sunny was talking and probably heard only half of the stuff. She was lucky enough that Sunny didn’t catch on that she was spacing out most of the time.

“Yeah… I don’t have a choice”.

“But do you two need to live together? Like is there really no other way?”

“Soon-kyu…. would I be telling you it if I had an alternative?”


It appeared that younger girl was lost for words still staring at blank Taeyeon. Older girl just shrugged her shoulders as if she has accepted the situation knowing that there is no way out of it and she needs to deal with it, in order to survive in this cruel world. That sounded depressing enough and other people who might have read Taeyeon’s thoughts would have probably got scared or really concerned but it is not like she cared much about any of it anymore.

Also, it was kind of the first time when she felt kind of relieved after hearing loud voice of her other friend – Sooyoung. That girl practically screamed for food the moment she noticed it across the restaurant and at any other given moment Taeyeon would have covered her face and felt embarrassed. This particular day… she didn’t care that much about her friend’s expressive ways.

Sooyoung sat down and stared eating before evening saying hello to her friend. Sunny had to roll eyes at that but gave the girl some time to chew on food.


It wasn’t said that coherently since the food kept on reappearing in the youngest of the three mouth.

“Just Taengoo life crisis…”


Taeyeon sigh and look around with desperation. She didn’t get embarrassed when Sooyoung showed up, but did the rest of the world really needed to know about her failed relationship? Leave it to her best friends to make her feel like the biggest losers. As much as Taeyeon loved and was thankful for the two – this particular day gave her less and less joy.

Taeyeon bit her lip, preventing herself from harsh comments. It is enough that she said all of those things to Tiffany, of course Tiffany didn’t held herself  back either, but it has been quite a dreadful week and Taeyeon didn’t want to push her friends away because of this situation. Luckily, Sunny seemed to read her mind and gave Sooyoung an answer instead.

“It is even worse than a break up… she will have to live with Miyoung for 3 months”.

If something might have stopped Sooyoung for eating it was this exact moment. Right now food was long forgotten, though she still couldn’t keep her mouth closed.


“Yeah… I’m not joking, Taengoo just told me about it. I bet she doesn’t want to keep on talking about this matter any further…  imagine how awkward it might get to stay with your ex girlfriend of three years… in the same apartment… for three more months… so you can get the money and sell it out or there is no deal with the landlord? I mean… what kind of landlord is that even? Why can’t he just sell the place?”

“It is a she…”

Taeyeon spoke up quietly and sigh.

“I think you met her once… during our New Year’s party… Yoona believes in true love and second chances… she’s insane like that and… I wouldn’t be surprised if she expects that three months might actually save our relationship”.

“How can three months save something that’s beyond repair?”

Taeyeon laughed at Sooyoung’s question since it was exactly the same thing that she thought. She couldn’t believe that Yoona would play such a trick on both of them, but they couldn’t escape the hopeless romantic that Yoona was… she forced them to write down a contract… three months later they get the money and will be free to go their own ways. Until then, they  will still be stuck in the same place.

As if wanting to prove a point that she won’t be backing down Yoona even decided that it is a perfect time for her to take a short vacation and she might be unavailable for at least a month.

It was the first time when Taeyeon regretted befriending someone. Except that she had many regrets in life… regret of leaving Jessica for Tiffany when she fell foolishly in love with the girl… regret of moving in together after one year of relationship. Regret of keeping up with it even when everything seemed to fall apart.

To put it simply – never ending regret, that might just follow her for a little bit longer.

“So okay… I just need to make sure… you…Tiffany… 3 months… same apartment… so you will be like roommates until that Yoona gets back and you will be free?”

Leave it for Sooyoung to describe a complicated situation in a very simple manner.

“I’m home”.

Taeyeon wasn’t sure why she said it out loud. Like a habit from the past, when they were still foolishly in love. In a perfect scenario, they love would have never ended and Tiffany would have ran into her hands, hugging the girl, giving her kisses all over her face and enthusiastically telling Taeyeon about her day.

This wasn’t how it happened though. Instead no one answered her and few minutes later Taeyeon found Tiffany sitting on their couch watching TV. It was once again quite ironic that this particular situation reminded her all of those times when they fought and Taeyeon was the one sleeping on this couch hoping to solve their problems next morning.

“Are you mute now?”

Taeyeon wasn’t even sure why she said it so harshly, but you can’t blame the girl for getting annoyed when her greeting was ignored.

Tiffany just rolled her eyes.

“I’m very loud and always talk too much. Since you hated it this much, why are you suddenly complaining when I chose your way?”

Sarcasm was heard loud and clear. It sort of reminded Taeyeon about their break up scene too. She did tell Tiffany that the girl was too loud, whiny, too much of an American style with her touchy hands and a need of comfort. Taeyeon added that she was too possessive, too jealous, too childish. Taeyeon also complained that Tiffany always talked too much telling her about things that she had no interest in and she got tired of listening to it.

Of course half of these things were lies. In the past Taeyeon loved it, just hearing Tiffany’s voice, especially her sleepy voice, when the girl felt the need to complete the story as tired as she got. But with everything pilling up and while only hateful words were exchanged between the two, Taeyeon didn’t feel the need to reminiscence the past.

“Fine. Don’t talk. Let’s see how long you can last.”

Tiffany snorted at the remark while crossing hands.

“You should try talking more, we can switch places. Wouldn’t that be entertaining?”

“Why should I talk? I have nothing to say to you.”

It sounded bad and Taeyeon knew it.

In the past she would have instantly apologized to Tiffany and tried making up for it, saying that she doesn’t actually mean it, that she just had a very stressful day at work, but it was in the past. For some reason Taeyeon had to keep reminding it to herself, it was easier not needing to see Tiffany’s face since the girl was still facing the TV.

Neither of the two know how or why this happened. One moment they were happy and next moment everything started falling apart.

The quirks of each other that in the past they both adored started irritating them. It reached the point where they didn’t even want to see each others faces and tried running around each other: Taeyeon sacrificing sleep and leaving for work way too earlier, Tiffany staying up late and going out with their friends every night.

Another problem was with drunk Tiffany getting back home in the middle of the night and Taeyeon who couldn’t handle the smell of alcohol. It seemed that only when Tiffany drank a little she wanted to get closer to Taeyeon and ignite the fire that they used to feel for each other, but it wasn’t the best time since every time she got rejected by Taeyeon.

Actually it irked Taeyeon the most.

How their relationship get to the point that only when she was drunk did Tiffany want to be intimate? Also, the pervert as her friends classified her long time ago, Taeyeon didn’t seem that gawk at Tiffany’s body as much as before.

Tiffany was still undeniably beautiful in Taeyeon’s eyes but it just didn’t feel the same anymore.


It was the first time in a whole day when Tiffany snickered to herself. Her conversation with Taeyeon was long forgotten when the girl went to take a shower, unaware that Tiffany used all the hot water. Obviously, she got surprised – way too used – to comfortable shower to check.

Tiffany was always considerate in the past and left enough of water for her girlfriend, but it is not like she needs to keep on doing this. Right?


She heard more growls, gasps and pretests and for some reason enjoyed it more than anything else through this whole day.

“WE NEED RULES.” Taeyeon marched out of their shared bathroom with only a robe covering her body. Not that she cared. Actually, the girl was fuming, it could have been seen from her red cheeks and wide eyes.

Tiffany smirked to herself but didn’t budge. If Taeyeon hates her talks so much, why does she need to bother and answer her?




Taeyeon turn around and walked again locking herself in the bathroom thinking of what could she do to convince Tiffany. A lot of times Tiffany needed some convincing, Taeyeon didn’t expect that it might turn out like this were they will be considered as exes still living together, but they need to make it – somehow.

Maybe Taeyeon just needs to prove a point for that to happen.

Tiffany had about five minutes to gloat in victory, feeling like she has defeated Taeyeon as if that was the most important thing she should do.

It didn’t last for long though.

It only lasted until the moment when Taeyeon walked out from the bathroom for the second time that evening, this time purposely walking to Tiffany’s side so the younger girl would notice her.

For a good 30 seconds Tiffany was left speechless, up until the moment when her mind started working again.


Taeyeon just shrugged her shoulders. “I can do whatever I want in my apartment. Can’t I?”

Purposely Taeyeon decided to walk closer and even sat on the couch next to Tiffany, feigning ignorance and looking at TV.

Tiffany jumped from the couch with red cheeks and this time she was the one fuming with anger “GET DRESSES. WE WILL MAKE THE LIST OF RULES.”

Younger girl ran off to the kitchen not needing to see Taeyeon in all her glory right now.

She has seen the girl naked so many times in the past, she wasn’t sure why it felt so different now, but it indeed made her feel uncomfortable.

The fact that all of a sudden Tiffany was sexually frustrated though few weeks ago she didn’t even want to look at Taeyeon’s direction annoyed her the most.

It was Taeyeon’s time to gloat and snicker to herself, her happiness was also not long lived when Tiffany shouted from the kitchen.


Taeyeon dashed into the bathroom like a Olympics runner after hearing that.