I Don’t Like You [Part 8]

The only good thing that actually came from that day was the fact that after her long and predictable panicking over pathetic drunk messages, Taeyeon did speak her mind with Sunny.

It didn’t make Taeyeon happy, per say, but Sunny got the confirmation  she needed (and at least can put a reasonable explanation to a fact why Taeyeon avoided, or TRIED, to avoid Seohyun for so long.) No one likes being judged and that was what Taeyeon feared, choosing distance instead of risking it.

Maybe if they all acted like grow ups, things would have been solved in a couple of minutes, but there is one thing about life that everyone knows… and that is… how unpredictable it can be.




Unpredictable event number #1 – Seohyun took a couple… yes A COUPLE… vacations days and stayed away from the studio/events/interviews/practice + most importantly, her manager and other co-workers, though Yoona and Sunny were really curious to know what the youngest of them thought about this situation.

Unpredictable event number #2 – Seulgi and Irene broke up. Then after a day (of uncontrollable sobbing while spending time with either Yoona or Sunny, since no one else could handle them) got back together and annouced about their relationship to the rest of the world.

Every tabloid screamed ‘DATING SCANDAL’ and everything else was forgotten, since the press ate them alive, managers angrily running from one corner to another trying to solve the mess they made, some fans actively supporting them, others too shocked to react. Meanwhile love birds were happy and on cloud nine, not paying attention to any of that at all.

Unpredictable event number #3 – Sunny liked Sunmi’s new song ‘Gashina’ so much that she kept on singing it every single time she got a chance to open her mouth and… quite frankly, everyone around her felt like shooting themselves (OR HER).

Taeyeon tried to counter attack, sing Fantastic Baby and to prove Sunny how annoying that is. When it didn’t work, she even changed the lyrics for another hit song from Big Bang called ‘Monster’, instead implying that Sunny is that creature. It didn’t help either.

Instead, they couldn’t have a normal conversation for the rest of the week. Probably for the weeks to come as well. The song was too addictive, even Yoona started humming, trying to harmonize with Sunny after the fourth day. At that point, Taeyeon wanted to shoot them both.

Unpredictable event number #4 – Encouraged by Seulgi and Irene bravely, Yoona and Sunny started dating. Timidly. Mostly – eating out, drinking, and kissing. But it was a start, after a long build up and hidden feelings towards each other for a long time.

Unpredictable event number #5 – Seohyun came back acting a bit awkwardly and stopped trying to ‘get attention/have a talk with Taeyeon’ like she did many times before. Of course, staying the same polite, respectful junior, but keeping her distance. Surprisingly or not, everyone noticed the change.

Unpredictable event number #6 – It was something that Taeyeon dreamed about for a long time… perfect change of never ending awkward situation. But… she didn’t like it.

Didn’t like it one bit.

Unpredictable event number #7 – Taeyeon’s ex girlfriend came back to town. But if that wasn’t enough, she also decided to visit Taeyeon at her work.

It could have been a short, uneventful visit but there is one thing about life that everyone knows… and that is… how uncpredictable it can be.



I Don’t Like You [Part 7]

At first Taeyeon had no idea why Sunny and Yoona quickly rushed out of the room leaving Seohyun and her to talk things through. It is not like they had something important to discuss (no schedules for the day, just practice practice practice), Taeyeon even hoped that this could be a good day for hiding away and finishing that book she read few days ago.

But three other girls seemed determined for some reason and she had no choice but to suffer for some time. Awkward silence ensured for about five minutes and she lost her patience sooner than Seohyun finally managed to speak her mind.



Taeyeon wanted to shake Seohyun but touching younger girl… oh no, that seemed like a really bad idea. Why would she do such thing voluntarely? Of course, her chicken soup was magical and some evenings Taeyeon still spend time dreaming about it, tasting it on her mouth, and imagining some sort of montage or music video where she runs off to happiness with that glorious food. But of course it didn’t mean that she suddenly started liking Seohyun… she’s not that weak. Right?

“They said that you want to talk with me. What’s the matter? Am I late again? Do you need some free day? No wait… you never do… is there some event I forgot about… do you…”

Seohyun waved hands in front of herself and smiled apologetically. “No no! That’s not it Taeyeon unnie. I just… I mean I want to ask you something… about messages from last night… they were… well… a bit confusing. So… I need to know what they meant and well… clearly you’re the only one I can ask about this.”

“What messages?”

Emotioneless stare. Silence. The sound of crickets because of how awkward the atmosphere got.

Seohyun braced herself already knowing a bit about Taeyeon’s temper and the fact how difficult it can be to talk things through with her manager. It was surprising enough that Taeyeon didn’t run off the moment that Sunny and Yoona left. Few weeks back, before that whole chicken soup incident, Taeyeon would have done that in an instant.

“You texted me a lot, unnie. I mean… you can check your own phone or I can give you mine but… unnie? Wait… where are you going?”

Seohyun didn’t get a chance to finish her thought since Taeyeon instantly turn around and ran off (just like predicted at first) while taking the phone from her jeans pocket. It wouldn’t have been that comical if while opening the door she hadn’t met with Sunny and Yoona, those two falling down on the ground. Obviously earsdropping behind those doors just few seconds ago.

Two girls looked genuinaly caught doing something bad, feeling more guilty than the evening when they make out in the corridor of Taeyeon’s apartment and left this certain girl horrified. Fortunately (or not) Taeyeon didn’t get to witness their face because her main goal was – GET AWAY FROM THE DEVIL as soon as possible.

“Sorry, Hyun we didn’t want to disturb…” Sunny started expaining herself and nugged Yoona for help.

“Yeah… I was just curiuos if you know.. I tried to listen for some eating sounds since there is a lot of food left and…”

“Not helping!” Sunny shot draggers at younger girl and looked back at quiet Hyun.

Youngest of the three seemed genuinely confused. “ Is it something I said? Shouldn’t I ask about it?”

The honest answer to this would be – you don’t actually ask a person about their drunk texting because it can get really awkward, pretty quick (as it actually happened already), but seeing the confussion and disappointment Sunny decided that Seohyun certaintly deserves cutting some slack.

“No, she’s just… Taeyeon. I will get her and force her to act like an actual adult. Stay here… eat some food or something…”, she added while looking at Yoona and trying to send a message that she should try calm Hyun down. She probably shouldn’t have mentioned food since Yoona’s eyes sparkled for the wrong reasons and she just nod her head for like five times.

“Food. Yes. Food. Good.”


Taeyeon locked herself in a bathroom cubicle and instantly took her phone to check all those mysterious messages. She didn’t even hear that Sunny followed her and knocked on the door after probably the third message that she read.


Sunny also had a chance to hear live commentary of her friend while reading those text messages. The main topic of this whole morning.

“Chicken soup! Chicken soup! Chicken soup!” , “CHIIIKEEN!” Quiet curses followed by a groan.

“I forgot that it is pass 10PM. You sleep are…you..ha.”  “Holy shit.”

“I do not not not not not not like you.” Followed by the sound of someone hitting their head to the wall.

“You alive? Taengo? Stop acting like puberty hitting teenage boy!”

“Did I mention…no no… don’t like you no…” More silent curses followed by three or four groans.


Yoona kept on eating and talking just to keep the atmosphere a bit lighter, since Seohyun was a bit too quiet for her liking.

At first Yoong talk about some random, unrelatate stuff, but after a minute or so, she reached the topic of more relatable events. “I think Sunny figured out why Taeyeon was kind of distant with you and all that…”

“Oh… she did?”

“Yeah… like that whole Seulgi and Irene incident…”

“What incident?”

“You know… don’t date so obviously and all that… Taeyeon probably assumed that you hate gay people or something… it is a sensitive topic for her after all.”

“It is?”

It was probably a long time since Seohyun had such weird and confusing  couple of days. Drunk texting, no answer about it and now Yoona munching up all the food while talking with her mouth full. Luckily, the girl mastered the art of eating and talking at the same time, since it was pretty easy to understand what she said.

“Like yeah… since Taeyeon bi and all that… dated some girl in the past…”

“Oh…I had no idea.”

“Shit is it like a secret? I never know these things! Don’t tell Sunny! She will kill me dead!”

“I won’t tell.. but I just… had no idea…”

Munch munch. “Yeah like… maybe she has some crush on you or something…,” munch munch “or not…” munch, new slice of bread “like who knows,” munch munch “probably shouldn’t have said that…”

Seohyun just nod her head a bit absently after new revelations. Still having a lot to process, while slightly older girl still kept on chewing, randomly commenting, and telling things she probably should have kept for herself.



Teach Me

“You have been eating sushi with your fingers this whole evening, does it mean that you don’t know how to use chopsticks?” Taeyeon asked with amusement while raising her eyebrows and questioning my eating habit. Truth be told, I do know how to use chopsticks and I have been eating that way for at least 10 years, but tonight I decided to throw my ‘skills’ away and just enjoy this little date. I didn’t expect this kind of ‘amusing’ reaction from my girlfriend though. Her eyes tells me that she might think of something that I’ll certainly like, so who am I not to use this opportunity for my own advantage.

“Mmm… no.”

Just like I guessed Taeyeon smiled intrigued and walked around the table settling behind me. Luckily, we chose to order food and enjoy our dinner in Tae’s apartment or other people in restaurant setting might have looked weirdly at such scene in front of their eyes.

“Well… I guess this means I have to teach you.” I could hear excitement coming from her voice, and I loved it. I’m pretty sure the same could be said in Taeyeon’s case.

I don’t know why, or when it started, but whenever Taeyeon finds out that there is something that I’m not familiar with, or something that I don’t excel in, she finds it her own task to teach me how to do it. At times, it is quite funny because she’s not good at things herself, so she has to learn it first, before giving me lessons.

I couldn’t count on my fingers how many new things she showed me in these couple of years, but I do have few that I remember time after time and smile to myself. For example, the time when Taeyeon teach me how to ride a bike. I think I do have to mention that I was scared of those things. Luckily for me, she was very patient and we probably looked funny from the side. Taeyeon ran after the bike while holding to it and finally let go in the same way that parents do to their children. I have to say she was just as excitement as me with our success.

Another memorable moment was the time when Taeyeon tough me how to bake cookies. I’m not a good cook and she’s the one that makes us food whenever we’re staying in, but Taeyeon wanted to try something new and was determined enough to force me into it. I wasn’t very successful (the first 10 times) but with time I got better and I can proudly say that today I can make (almost) decent cookies that my girlfriend eats every single time without complaining.

I mean… I don’t think I’m that good, since Yoona tried one once and spit it out. She’s not someone who says ‘no’ to food, so it was a good giveaway, but Taeyeon keeps on saying that I’m getting better every time and never backs away from eating the treats, so I’m not one to complain.

But let’s go back to the current – most important moment, shall we? It is not the first time when I’m acting that I don’t know how to do something, to see my girlfriend in ‘confident and determined’ action, so I’m truly curious how she’ll handle me this time.

“I think this might get messy,” I commented holding in my victorious smirk.

“We shall see. But I don’t mind. Even though I do find you sexy while you’re eating with your fingers… that’s a bit distracting.”

We both laughed at the same time, since let’s make this clear – my girlfriend is a proud pervert and I have learn to both accept and enjoy this side of hers.

Taeyeon grabbed the chopsticks with her left hand while placing them into my right hand, positioning my fingers around them. Then she guided the chopstick-holding hand to the sushi and successfully manipulated my fingers until I picked up a piece and dipped into soy sauce. After this, she lifted it towards my mouth.

I could have ended this successfully, but I wouldn’t be – ME, if I won’t do this a bit differently. Also, who succeeds at their first try? That’s just absurd.

So instead, I made sure that my hand shook a little and let the sushi slide away when it was almost in my mouth. It fell down and for a moment I cursed at myself for not counting the right time, since I can feel rice and fish both on my neck and somewhere south under my t-shirt.

I change my mind about cursing when I hear Taeyeon chuckling at the scene and she decides to help me out with lowering her mouth and tasting rice from my neck.

“Should I help you with the rest too?” I could practically hear her smiling, though I can’t see my girlfriend’s face at the moment.

“Mmm” I hear my quiet moan, while I’m considering the suggestion. “I though you want to teach me how to use chopsticks?”

Taeyeon snickered once again, while taking care of those things and leaving them on the table, planting another short kiss to my temple.

“I would love to teach you, since you know how much I like doing that, but it is a bit unfair, when you already know how to use chopsticks. Babe, it is not the first time we’re eating sushi together. I mean… it has been a while, but last time we did it… we sat in a restaurant and it didn’t seem like you found any trouble with handling these things.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my own stupidity. Of course, for a moment I did forget about our previous dates, but it is quite easy to lose your mind when Taeyeon gets closer to you, or when she’s sitting behind you and hugging you. Believe me, you would lose your mind in this kind of situation too.

“Damn… why you didn’t tell me?”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders while hugging me from behind and lowering her jaw to my temple.

“Well, I noticed that glint in your eyes when you got excited after my question, the same one I see every single time when I suggest teaching you something new. So I couldn’t pass out on this opportunity… also, it was one heck of a day and I wanted to hug and feed my girlfriend. Is that wrong?”

I had to give it to her. Taeyeon is indeed a sweet talker, she could probably successfully talk me into anything. “Far from it… so… will you keep on teaching me, babe?”

Once again, I didn’t need to see Taeyeon to know that she kept on smiling after hearing my question, and quickly she grabbed the chopsticks landing them back to my hand. “Of course. But… you do know that half of that sushi is somewhere behind your t-shirt, right? This is distracting me way more than you eating with your bare fingers.”

“Well… we can deal with it later… I’ll let you inspect and find the remains of that piece after we finish eating, how about that?”

Taeyeon chuckled and it was similar to a confirmation. “I can’t wait.”

Let’s face it – so can’t I.

Our Kind of Paradise

Kim Taeyeon 

This week has been crazy! First Tiffany told me that she’s in love with me and then – she asked me on a date! A DATE! Obviously, I told her yes. She’s drop dead gorgeous and I’m one of those people who believe that love has no gender. So I’m really excited to say that tonight is the night. I’m going on a date with Tiffany. She’s 1 years younger and a bit taller than me (it is not something I should pay attention to, but somehow it is one thing that I have always noticed. After all, my best friend Sunny is the only one who is smaller than me.) Luckily, I was saved from getting lost in these kind of thoughts after hearing a knock on the door.

“I’m getting ready! Leave me alone for a bit! “

I heard laughs from the other side of the door: Sunny and Sooyoung just had to walk inside and inspect how I look tonight.

“Taeng what exactly are you wearing for this date?”

Sooyoung (the most fashionable of three of us) asked raising her eyebrows. She was looking at my black dress.

“We are going to have dinner and then see a movie. Well… I’m not sure the actual order for this. But still… I want to look nice.” I pouted quite sure that Sooyoung will find some sort of flaw with my choice.

Sooyoung snorted “You always look nice. But you don’t need to overdo yourself. It is a first date. Not a funeral.”

My face burned bright red “Oh…”

I ran to my closet and grabbed another outfit and laid it out for them to see. It was quite similar dress to this one, but instead of black I chose blue one. This is my favorite color, after all.

“There. Happy now?”

Sunny giggled “Good choice!”

They finally understood that I’m too nervous for pointless conversations and walked out. I heard Sooyoung running down the stairs and shouting at Yoona that she should leave her at least one slice of pizza. Not surprised here: Sooyoung easily forgets about other people problems when there is food involved, while Sunny is probably texting one of her guys. All is left for me to do is get ready and wait…





Tiffany Hwang


I put on skinny jeans and a nice pink top. I was ready to go get Taeyeon, but gosh why I am so nervous?! I haven’t had this problem before… but truth be told, I have never dated a girl either, so maybe that’s the reason… or the reason might be the fact that I haven’t actually dated someone that I really liked… most of the time I was just looking for a good time, but this time I was in too deep.

Anyway… that’s besides the point! Luckily, I heard Sooyoung running down the stairs and screaming at Yoona which brought me back to this moment. I walked out of my room grabbing my wallet and turning off the lights.

I waked down the hallway to my roommates door and knocked twice.

No answer.

“Taetae? You there?”

No answer.


Finally I heard some noises and soon she opened the door hugging me tightly. “YES! I mean… yes… I am. We can go.”

Afterwards, Taeyeon practically dragged me to get a car.

About 30 minutes later we arrived to the restaurant and ate. It was somehow endearing seeing Taeyeon laughing, giggling and blushing most of the time. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. But if you think that Taeyeon couldn’t get any cuter, you’re very wrong. I got to witness it when we finally went for the movie.

“Two adult tickets, please.”

The woman behind the glass smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry but… kids under 14 get kid tickets.”

This is when Taeyeon face palmed her face and sighed tiredly. “I’m 21.”

I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. I paid for our tickets (since it might have lasted a century until Taeyeon proven her point) and 15 minutes later we finally sat down inside the theater. Taeyeon pouted and complained at first, so I had to convince her that looking young is not something she should worry about.

She held my hand the entire movie. At the end of it, I looked over at her, our faces were inches apart.. I closed the gap (who could control themselves in such proximity?) and kissed her softly. Sadly, the kiss couldn’t last for long since the lights came back, people started standing up and leaving the place, and I had no other choice but to pull away.

We left the cinema and discussed our date smiling like teenagers in love. I was smiling, Taeyeon was blushing.

“Best date ever!” we said at the same time and laughed afterwards.

Taeyeon grabbed my hand and we went to the direction of our apartment.  Score Tiffany Hwang, now all you have to do is hold her tight and treat her right, and both of you will be alright. Damn I should probably stop talking to myself if I want this to work.

Irreplaceable [2/2]

Pairing: Taeyeon/Jessica.

G; nothing is easy in love, but the saddest thing is when you lose it, especially if you had never imagined your life without that other person. There are times when other people get in between and ruin it, unknowingly to the two who are in love. This story concentrates on a painful break up (that probably shouldn’t even count as one) of Taeyeon and Jessica, and a second chance 6 years later.


“I’m on my way, Yoong… wait, that would work too. I will be there in just few minutes you can go and meet me in the street,”I ended conversation with my best friend while driving in a limo. Obviously in the backseat. Yes, Taengoo wanted that I showed up to our wedding in a limo. She’s even more romantic that I am. I guess she’s responsible for all the romance in our relationship, but I never complained as I can’t be as brave and free with my feelings as she is.

Taengoo knows that I’m a bit nervous about our marriage. We have been together for some time, actually a long time and she was the one who proposed to me. I remember it clearly… every detail of it. Having some time until reaching both Yoong and the Church I decided to look back at those memories.


My taxi stopped and after paying the driver I step out of the car looking around curious until I noticed Taengoo standing on the small white bridge. Obviously she waited for me all this time (it took me about an hour to come here because of work distractions and I was really apologetic about the delay.) Her eyes were on me the moment I stepped out of the vehicle.

Taeyeon walked slowly in my direction when the driver left and we somehow met halfway. I smiled mischievously knowing that my best friend and my girlfriend planned something, just unsure what exactly that was.

“I don’t see Yoona anywhere…  and she’s the one who asked me to rush here.”

Taengoo laughed while commenting and explaining “I have performed a magic trick and made her disappear. So now you will have to spend time with me… as disappointing as it sounds.”

I pretended to be annoyed but couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on my face. “I have never thought that Yoong could be such a good liar… she didn’t even flinch when I called her to ask about our meeting and apologizing that I will be running late.”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulder while linking her arm with mine “well… I asked very politely for her help. Yoona just couldn’t tell me no.”

“What did you promise her?”

Taeyeon just laugh but I knew that most likely it was something Seohyun related as Yoona is seriously interested in that girl. Whenever we try talking about other topics it somehow still ends up with Seohyun. Seohyun just got her driver’s license. Seohyun just bought a new car… yes, I also saw Seohyun in that shop…and so on. I think you can imagine what I have in mind. We all have this kind of friend.

We walked to the bridge and stood on it. Well actually Taeyeon stopped and turn around to face me “and there’s a reason why you’re here with me instead of your friend. I know you would prefer the later..hehehe… but…”

I widened my eyes as a good theatrical actress (if I was one) “well I would have dressed better knowing that I’m meeting you. Your loss.”

“I don’t care if you go around in pajamas with dinosaurs or puppies, or cats, or bunnies on it, I will still believe that it looks good on you.”

I squinted my eyes and blushed a little which made me want to change this topic instantly. Until Taeyeon noticed it and didn’t use it as some sort of opportunity. “But it’s really beautiful here. You love showing things like this to me…I should have guessed that no way Yoong would have invited me to see such scenery”, I added with ‘duh’ written on my forehead (figuratively speaking.)

Taeyeon seemed to miss out on comment about Yoona and instead took both of my hands in hers “well… it doesn’t matter how you get here. The most important part is that you’re here now.”

“Mmm… I feel like I have heard this many times before.”

“Maybe that’s just expression I use… but this is important to me,” she added making serious face and for some reason letting go of my hands.

“Are you going to break up with me?” I ended up asking without giving a chance for Taeyeon to speak up. Maybe I have panicked a little bit. Well… not maybe… I did panic for a moment.

“What? No. You wish,” she said jokingly which helped with the mood. Taeyeon looked really nervous now and I started wondering what might be the reason for it.

Looking around and gathering her courage she finally spoke up, not breaking eye contact with me “I’m not even sure how to describe how nervous I’m right now… I’m nervous both about my speech and about your reaction. Either way… I’m hoping for the best.”

While she talked it started raining slowly. “Okay… maybe the fact that weather changed so drastically is not such a good sigh” she added while biting her lip and looking down.

For that reason I suggested simply “well…ehm… we can go in your car if you want… you drove here, right?” and I almost turn around to walk in that direction after actually noticing Taeyeon’s car, but my girlfriend stopped me while grabbing me by the hand.

“No…no… I better do this now. As long as I’m still…somewhat brave…”

Taeyeon breathed in more air while kneeling on the ground, taking black little box from her pocket.

“Jessica Jung… you’re the girl I love. The girl I always dreamed about. Person I want to spend the rest of my life with. In good and bad. Whatever comes our way. Would you like to marry me and make me the happiest person on this planet?”

Taeyeon asked the full question, considering the fact that I let her finish as a good sigh. It still rained around us, this time even harder, and Taeyeon waited for my answer with hopeful expression.

I looked down a bit nervous, I don’t know if Taengoo could have read my emotions and sense that nervousness, but obviously I had a lot of it. Despite all that, it didn’t take me long to answer ‘YES!’ and hug her as tightly as I could. Taeyeon even complained that she couldn’t breathe.

But the truth is that with that question she made me the happiest girl on this planet. I didn’t even need that wedding…I was already happy as it is.


I think I got lost in the memories because that was the last thing I remembered. This scene kept on repeating in my mind while I was in coma. Contrary to the popular belief I didn’t really hear what my visitors told me. Instead I kept reliving it and was actually happy. I’m not sure if even wanted to wake up. Would you want to wake up from the most beautiful dream ever?

Somehow I still did. Then Yoona told me about what had happened. A truck hit my limo in front of her eyes. That’s why she didn’t manage to go to Church and stayed by my side instead. She only called Taeyeon’s parent and didn’t even call to tell other friends of ours, too panicked about the whole situation.

Yoona wanted to do it next day but Taeyeon wasn’t there anymore. She didn’t visit me even once, though Yoona had talked with her parents and even asked them to BEG for her to show up and maybe then I would wake up sooner.

Taeyeon even changed her phone number. I know this…because despite being angry and hurt after leaving the hospital I still tried to call her. Though almost a year passed with me in a coma.

Surprisingly I have never blamed Taeyeon. I was angry… but not as much as person in this situation would usually be. They would just turn around, move on, never think of a person that left them on their worse and didn’t even check on them ever again. I tried moving on… I have traveled a lot… but still thought about Taengoo constantly.

I didn’t manage to find another love. I tried but never hard enough…and it never actually turned into any sort of relationship that would be worth either mine or that person’s time. I felt like taking a break all these six years. Like the time actually stopped for me the moment when that truck hit my limo.

But finding out that everything is not as it seems… that Taeyeon actually got a break up letter from someone who pretended to be me… I wasn’t sure what to think. Still somehow… I had hope… Sunny did shake her head when I asked if Taeyeon is actually happy. If she’s not… if this marriage is not going to make her happy… why can’t I try to at least find out the truth? Who and why they wrote that letter? Why I didn’t find the love of my love next to me when I woke up?

So many questions and so little time to get all the answers…




I was about to read that break up letter again and torture myself even more if I haven’t heard familiar-confused voice.

“W-what are you doing here?” Taeyeon asked while unconscionably dropping down her keys.

She squinted her eyes and seemed beyond angry.

“What are you doing at my home? I’m calling the police if you’re not leaving right now… and what…” she was going to ask what I have in my hand but I think she recognized the letter. “Why…why…are you holding it?”

I panicked a little bit. Unsure how I should feel right now. Sad? Angry? Happy that Taeyeon left with me with a reason? Which emotion would be normal in such weird and unpredictable situation?

Also, why Yoona didn’t alarm me that Taeyeon is coming back home. That girl is probably hiding somewhere around the corner and talking with Seohyun on the phone. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s literally the case.

“I have it…because I have just learnt of the existence of it from you few days ago… also I wanted to know what this is. It is the first time I’m seeing this…thing,” I added while looking shortly at the envelope with letter inside of it.

Taeyeon raised her eyebrows shortly “wow…really? What do you really want, Jessica? Destroy my second wedding? Do I have some sort of curse that I just can’t get married or the world will end? I’m so tired of this…” she commented and actually sigh.

I could see that Taeyeon meant what she said. Also, my Taengoo looked more tired than usual.

“Why would I lie? Am I someone who just wants to hurt you and destroy your happiness?”

“I don’t know! Are you?” once again, that tired tone, tired eyes but still some sparking anger behind them.

After a surprise that Taengoo might actually think this way, it took me some time to voice out my thoughts. Actually, some time to process and gather it as well.

“I mean it, Jessica… I’m calling the police. How did you get in my home? I do have security… I’m so tired of…all of this…”

“You do seem tired…”

I somehow ended saying without considering the outcome. Obviously Taeyeon will get mad at me because of it. She will think that I’m teasing her in some way. She’s already thinking the worse of me. But not hearing her comment or screams I added.

“Call the police.”


“I don’t care. Call the police. I won’t leave until we have a normal conversation… even if you’re really tired and want to sleep… if you fall asleep I can just sit here and wait until you wake up. I’m just as tired as you are. Waking up in the hospital without you beside me…finding out that you left to see the world, the fact that you change your phone number and I couldn’t even call you to tell you that I’m finally awake…you know what… that was also the worse experience of my life. Worse than getting hit by a truck. So I’m tired too. We’re talking this through.”


I could see confusion written all over her face. Even if I wouldn’t believe Taeyeon’s sincerity this would prove it straight away. That’s the face of someone who really has no idea what you’re talking about and hears it for the very first time.

“I hadn’t written this letter. It is impressive…I will give you that… I did have my doubts, haven’t I? It describes the situation quite well… ACTUALLY… there are certain parts which I only told your parents. As ironic as that sounds.”

Taeyeon let me talk just standing there and staring in front of herself and I used this time to look back at the letter.

“For example… I mentioned my doubts about our marriage to them… but also, pointed out that I haven’t talked with you about it. Just like this line: But they always stayed in my head… torturing me…I had also mentioned that it is probably the worst possible moment to have these doubts as our wedding is just around the corner… Just like this line: I’m choosing the worst possible moment to say this… but if not now…when?


I heard Taengoo begging quietly but I was in too deep. I just needed to finish it. I felt that while voicing everything out… I will understand the situation as well.

“I told them…that the reason I love you some much is because you always stayed by my side and fought for our love even when I was a coward. Exact replica of that is in this letter too: I also realize its unfair to you no matter what I do. Especially when you stayed by my side…fought for this love. Your parents have witnessed both your pervert comments and skin ship which is also mentioned in the letter. Even the last point… about asking that you wouldn’t hate me. That’s what would I say! They read me like an open book, haven’t they? And you do realize that your parents always hated me, right?”

Taengoo shook her head slightly. She looked a bit… distant.

“Well…maybe you were the only one unaware of this fact. Everyone else knew this… I know that Tiffany hates me now…but I’m pretty sure that even she can confirm it. Also, you can just pay someone to write such letter! They can even copy your handwriting! I don’t understand how everyone could have been so dense! Yoona hadn’t talked with Tiffany and Sunny for years…I didn’t know about this stupid letter for so long… most of the things only making sense right now… don’t you get it? And why are you getting married in the first place? Because your parents want you to? for the company? for the future? Are you even happy…?”

It made perfect sense in my mind: I got in an accident. Taeyeon’s parents find out about it first and used this opportunity. They had enough of money to fake it all. Who knows, maybe they even had a letter prepared just in case. They fooled both Taeyeon and me.

“Haven’t you ever considered that maybe…?” I couldn’t finish my sentence. I think I was so concentrated on revealing the truth, that finally made sense to me, that I haven’t noticed Tae’s expression.

I managed to catch the girl at the last moment as she fainted. I should have payed more attention that something was off. She was too tired… too stressed…





Three days later I found myself in the hospital. Ironically that same hospital that I spend so much time in the past. Of course I happened to end up here for a completely different reason. This time it was Taengoo related. She was exhausted and needed hospitalization, they even wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t been in her apartment when I was.

Other part of her exhaustion was stress and I guess hearing everything what I have told her was the breaking point.

Even with a lot of controversy as you can guess, I mean Tiffany who couldn’t trust me easily, I still managed to stay by Taeyeon’s side all this time. Luckily the girls agreed not to tell her parents. At least for now… and hospital didn’t find it as a necessity too.

A lot of things happened in these couple of days and Yoona used this time to finally have a serious conversation with both Tiffany and Sunny. I heard that the conversation was really long and probably tiring.

The density of people surprise me sometimes. I’m not saying that I’m any better, but no one actually discussing anything for this long… the world is a strange and scary place. It just proves that if you won’t fight for your happiness, no one else will do that for you.

It’s a bit hard to change your mind overnight, so Tiffany still had a little bit of a problem while communicating with me in a civilized manner. She agreed to talk about the past and apologized for the slap, and I realized that I should just give this girl some time. After all, she blamed me for all of Taeyeon’s misfortunes, she found me as the responsible person for everything and she even had a good relationship with Taeyeon’s parents all these years. So it was hard to realize and accept the fact that things happened in a completely different order.

Still Tiffany and Sunny agreed and told me what happened during these years. Taeyeon took our ‘break up’ that didn’t even happened, really bad. She had depression for few years. She traveled whenever she could without staying in one place for long, to put in simply: she just wanted to get lost. There were times when Taeyeon even left her friends worried if she’s still alive and kicking as no news came from her for months.

Few years ago she came back with somehow controlled feelings and concentrated on her work. Taengoo became a workaholic since most of the time she spend nights at work, simply getting lost in all of those papers rather than having to deal with other people.

She stopped believing in love that’s why even this whole arrangement to get married for the well being of her company and for the happiness of her parents didn’t sound like a bad idea.

The Taengoo that I remember would have never agreed to get married with someone whom she didn’t love.

This helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one who had it bad. Who was confused, hurt… all was left to do is talk with her… wait for Taengoo to wake up…for as long as it takes… with hope that she believes me, with hope that she loves me the same way that I do love her, with hope that she still wants to be with, with hope that she will tell me that it’s not the end of our love.



“Hello, yes, I do remember you. You were my patient back then, right? Well not mine… I was just a nurse… I’m a doctor now”

I nod my head remembering this girl. She was there when I woke up. I looked down at her name tag, doctor Choi Sooyoung. Yes, the name sounds familiar.

“Yes, you did take good care of me. Thank you for that… and for this… you were the one who agreed that we don’t need to call every single person Taeyeon knows, so it is not necessary for her parents to show up, right?”

“You’re all grown ups, so yes, I didn’t think that’s necessary. Also, it looks like she’s in good hands. She should wake up soon enough.”

I nod my head feeling both thankful and nervous unsure what else to say. After doctor Choi left I sat down in my usual spot next to Taengoo’s bed and looked at her sleeping face.

So calm and peaceful… as beautiful as I remembered. Even more beautiful with years…

Surprisingly, she opened her eyes pretty much at the same moment when doctor Choi closed doors after herself. At first, looking at the ceiling, and then slowly turning her eyes in my direction.

I tried to form a smile. Apologetic one. I think it turn out to be a nervous one but that’s all I managed to do for the time being.

“Hey…” I whispered nervously while readjusting a strand of Taengoo’s hair. “You’re up… do you… feel rested? At least… a little bit…?”

She kept her gaze on me while I still couldn’t take my hand away. Having an opportunity to touch her skin even for a short while, I couldn’t stop myself for using this chance.


She cough and there is no surprise as she hadn’t spoken for three days just laying in bed. I felt a bit disappointed that I need to take my hand away, but of course I rushed to give her the water she asked for. I helped Taeyeon out with drinking it and can see how her face looked more lively afterwards.

“You had to stay in a hospital for few more days because you were exhausted and needed recovery… I know you’re not a fan of hospitals but… that was the only possible outcome.”

Taengoo nod her head slowly “you stayed…in here?” asking carefully.

I gathered my thoughts realizing that she probably have heard my short interaction with doctor Choi, so I nod my head with confirmation.

“Not in this exact bed… but yeah… I had spend some time in here…”

“That’s not some time… that’s a whole year…”

Taeyeon commented sadly turning her eyes away from mine and staring at the ceiling. I wish I could read what she was thinking, I can only guess… but I want to know for real.

“TAEYEON! I HAVE JUST HEARD ABOUT THIS!” I turn to look at the door as tall, dark haired guy ran inside with worry written all over his face. So that must be the…groom.

He ignored my existence going straight to the love of my life.

“You got me so worried when I have heard about it!”

Taeyeon looked at him smiling apologetically, and answering really quietly. I could barely make out the words she used “sorry… that really… didn’t include my plans…”

All I could feel was jealousy. How long this guy stayed by her side when I was away? Does he mean anything to Taeyeon? What if all of a sudden she realized that she’s developing feelings for him and they are in a serious relationship… what if earlier Taeyeon got angry when I showed up because she actually wanted this wedding to happen… what if…

“Excuse me… maybe you could leave us alone for at least couple of minutes?” he looked in my direction smiling politely. Like I’m some bug flying around and disturbing his love nest. Are you kidding me?

I nod my head obediently “yes… of course”.

Before leaving I looked at Taeyeon for one more time, but she averted her eyes avoiding my gaze. Should I take this as a bad sign? I have no other choice just to walk out and wait outside.

I’m not even sure what I’m even waiting for…



It would have been foolish of me to stand outside the door and try to listen what they are talking about, that thought crossed my mind but I probably wouldn’t have heard anything as Tae’s bed was far away from the door and I doubt they intent to scream.

I know… I haven’t forgotten that Sunny told me that Taengoo is not happy but what if she is…what if those six years that haven’t changed anything for me… that haven’t changed my feelings at all… not only scattered Taeyeon’s world but changed her dreams and hopes as well. Changed her love…

I couldn’t stop myself from panicking. That’s all I did. I’m not sure how long those two even talked… did they agree to change the date of the wedding because of Taeyeon’s exhaustion? Did they confess to each other that they can’t live without one another? Did they… no… I don’t want to imagine anything else.

Finally, probably after at least 10 minutes that guy (I don’t know his name because all Yoona told me was that it starts with B…) walked out looking for me. I didn’t notice hate or blame… maybe Taeyeon did chose him? Maybe he doesn’t even know about my existence and about our past?

“You can go back in,” that’s all he told me and walked away.

Confused I walked inside trying to smile in the same manner like before. I walked back to the same spot I stood earlier, staring back at Taeyeon who didn’t turn her eyes away from me the moment I walked in.

All of a sudden, I can see tears filling up in her eyes.

Wait… no…

I soon leaned in catching them with my fingers and spoke up with worry “no no…it is okay… I understand… if you forgot about me… if you don’t love me anymore… if all of this is too much… if it has been too long… I understand… I just… I want you to be happy…” I could feel myself tearing up as well. That’s what to expect in this situation I guess.

I’m close to giving up my love… if I have to leave Seoul again and never come back for the sake of you…my love… I will…now when I know everything that happened in the past…I just want to see you happy… even if the person who makes you happy is not me…

“So it’s okay… you can ask me anything… I understand…I’m sorry if this disturbed you…changed your plans or…”

“Y-you…should be angry,” Taengoo commented surprised with tears still streaming down her beautiful face.

“What? Why?”


“Stop… Taengoo… I don’t blame you for anything. Why are you blaming yourself?”

“I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! I SHOULD HAVE GUESSED! Instead of getting hurt and running away… I should have search more… find Yoona and get a confirmation of that letter… I believed it so easily… HATE ME!”

“I could never hate you… you’re the only one I love,” I whispered while leaning closer.

Taeyeon also kept on whispering and repeating that I should hate her and because of that I captured her lips with mine.

I put everything into this kiss. All the hurt, all the mistakes, all the stupidity that can be applied for both of us. Maybe that’s the last kiss I’m going to have… I need to give my all if that’s the case.

We had to separate for air and Taeyeon spoke up again “I left him but…”

“You did?”

I instantly asked hopefully.

“He can find another love, we only had an agreement… this wouldn’t have been real even if we got married… I let him search for the love he deserves… but…”


“I don’t deserve you…”

I laughed with relief, I couldn’t stop myself. Even with both of us crying like kindergarten kids, all of a sudden I see my future a lot brighter.

“I love you you… do you still love me? That’s all that I care about…”

“Of course I do, princess! But…”

Princess (not even Sica) and most importantly not Jessica. I’m hearing the nickname that annoyed me sometimes in the past but from Taengoo’s lips it’s like the biggest confirmation of her love.

I didn’t let her finish and kissed Taeyeon again with passion. She answered my kisses putting even more pressure into them.

Between those kisses as we missed each other lips so much I commented truthfully “we will figure all of this out… just tell me that you want to be with me… just tell me it’s not the end and we will figure absolutely everything out…with time… with patience… with everything… I love you, Taengoo… you know… I still have that proposal ring.”

Taeyeon looked at me with pure love and surprise. “You…do?”

To prove my point I take it out from my purse. All these years I kept in by my side. Not on my finger but somewhere close by…

“Should I put it back on or…?”



“No… you should give it back to me…”


Taeyeon put her hand in front of herself smiling shortly. I can see sparks in her eyes. “I want to give it to you again some time in the future so…”

I didn’t realize I have held my breath for few seconds thinking that Taeyeon wants to end everything with me for good.

“What no… it is mine forever… you made your choice… learn to live with it!”

I showed her my tongue playfully, but then noticed that even though she laughed, she still seemed worried.

“Mmm… what are going to do…with your parents and…”

“You know I won’t leave them behind… they gave birth to me…they do love me… even in such manner…but maybe we can punish them a little… spending Christmas and New Year with friends… visiting them rarely in comparison with the past… though…well most likely… just spending Christmas with our friends instead of my parents…”

I laughed with relief and stole one more kiss from Taeyeon. I don’t know since when I became such a kissing monster but I just can’t help myself or control it anymore.

“I love this idea very much…”

I hold her face with both of my hands inches away from her eyes, her lips, her nose… my Taengoo…

“I’m so happy right now…but you still haven’t answered about this ring situation…”

Knowing what I want to hear Taeyeon ended my thought “It is yours, just like I am yours… but…”

Another but?


“Maybe we should try elope next time.” She smiled cheekily at the comment and I had to laugh at that.

I kissed her one more time, happy that I come back, since there is no one else that could replace Taeyeon’s place in my heart and these years of distance showed that it is the same for her too.







Irreplaceable [1/2]

Pairing: Taeyeon/Jessica.

G; nothing is easy in love, but the saddest thing is when you lose it, especially if you had never imagined your life without that other person. There are times when other people get in between and ruin it, unknowingly to the two who are in love. This story concentrates on a painful break up (that probably shouldn’t even count as one) of Taeyeon and Jessica, and a second chance 6 years later.




The airport is almost empty at 4 am in the morning. That’s how I prefer it because it leaves a lot of time to gather my thoughts. My thoughts that has been scattered since two days ago after Yoona’s call. You’re getting married. I guess for real this time… no more complications. No one getting in between.

I still remember waking up in a hospital bed with no one around. Just an empty room and all I could hear was my own beating heart. The last thing I remembered was rushing to our wedding ceremony. I was so happy and so in love. I always believed you felt the same. I put my trust in you. But I woke up alone. Next day visitors kept coming in and checking on my condition but none of them were you.

Yoona told me that you left the country two days after our marriage ceremony. Our wedding. A wedding that didn’t happen because I got in an accident.

I didn’t want to believe that you just left me and I tried searching for you. Asking friends, relatives, even your parents where you could be. No one told me that. Either they didn’t know or they didn’t want to tell me.

I guess that’s something I could have expected from your parents. They have never liked me. Surprisingly, the reason wasn’t the fact that I am a girl. They have always wished that you could marry your childhood friend Tiffany but I got in the way. That’s something they never forgave me for.

I knew that you were back in Seoul for some time now. Only after learning that you came back to get married…in the same place where we were suppose to share our vows and promise to stay together forever…I couldn’t just sit and wait.

I have no intention of interrupting your marriage. Despite everything I wish you happiness. I just want to know why…why haven’t you stayed by my side? Why you went away? Why you didn’t care?


I notice someone waving at me from across the airport. I told Yoona I don’t need escort from the airport but she still came.

“Jessica! Finally! I haven’t seen you in ages!” the girl literally jumped on me and it was a miracle that I managed to stand my ground.

“Let’s go see the city! No no… let’s go to our favorite places first…no wait… maybe we could eat somewhere first! Oh…I have so much on my mind! You probably forgot how Seoul looks! Let me show you everything!”

I laughed shortly “breathe…” and after that added more seriously. “I need to take care of something first…and then we can do whatever you like… I plan on staying for at least a couple of weeks”.

“Take care of something…you mean?”

“Yes…I need to know why… just a simple question… I think it is better to ask now. I don’t want to regret that I didn’t for the rest of my life. I need to know… maybe then I can move on.”

“You should have moved on long time ago! Wait how much time passed? About six years, right? You should have moved on at least five years ago… no wait you were still in a coma at that time… well at least four years ago!”

We headed out of the airport and I liked the support of Yoona, so I forced myself to keep on smiling. The girl kept on rambling about my moving on while I got lost in my thoughts again. How long it take Taengoo to move on? I shouldn’t call her that anymore…just Taeyeon…”

Taeyeon parents weren’t good actors and I could see that they were happy that we’re through when I tried searching for her and asked them where she could be. They were overjoyed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the one that’s Taeyeon is getting married to is Tiffany. That would be their preference, after all. Wait… maybe Yoona knows about this as well. After all, she somehow found out about the wedding.

“Eh…Yoong? Who’s Taeyeon is getting married to?”

My friend scowled at me “I keep telling you that you should move on and forget about her and you asked me this out of the blue? Were you even listening to what I am saying? Of course not… who am I fooling here… who knows…some guy… Barry, Baek? I don’t remember his name but he’s not someone that we know. I wouldn’t be surprised if the marriage is calculated as it would be beneficial for both of their companies… also Taeyeon’s parents approve of him if that’s what you’re curious about.”

“Of course they do”, I sigh defeated “anyone is better than me… but wait… why not Tiffany? I remember how her parents always said that they would be the happiest if Hwang were in my place instead… so Taeyeon likes guys now or what? I remember she once told me that I’m the only she sees.”

I realize that I said this bitterly but my mind is still clouded for all the information. I’m allowed to be angry. I have noticed that Yoong avoided my eyes from some time. But with my intense staring I won her over.

“Fany was the one who told me about the wedding because she’s the bridesmaid… just like in your wedding… well if you two had gotten married… you know I haven’t kept in touch with them and we started communicating only recently. The girls don’t even know that I told you about it…”

“I don’t even know what’s on their minds because they haven’t asked about you even once… I wish I could have come to the church that day so I would have at least seen what was happening there while you were in the hospital… Also Fany is actually taken. She got together with Sunny four years ago. I guess only Tae’s parents wished for them to be a thing”.

“I see…” it hurt knowing that Taeyeon never asked about me. Not even once. Did I meant so little to her?

“Do you know where I can find her?”

“Who? Tiffany?”

“Sunny… I haven’t talked with her for years…but I think she would tell me where I can find Taeyeon. We were good friends some time ago…also she should understand my reasons.”

Yoona seemed doubtful about it. “You know she changed a little…well she’s running after Tiffany like she’s a god now. Maybe I should ask… I will say that I can’t find Taeng but I need to give her something… I will think of an excuse. If you do that… she might just call Taeyeon herself and tell her that you’re back.”

Giving a second thought that was way better option so I had to agree. Ten minutes later we were sitting in the backseat of taxi and Yoona was already calling Sunny. Just like she guessed she got the answer quite immediately, though even I could hear Sunny’s discontent. I looked at the clock. 5 am. We should have probably discussed the time for the call.

Yoona told me that when Sunny talked with Taeyeon last time she mentioned that she plans on spending her Sunday at home so I had more than enough time to get a shower and get ready for the talk.


I stood in front of Taeyeon’s apartment around 9 am. I knew that she might be sleepy because she has always used her free days for extra sleep. Her logic told her that this way she gets all the hours of sleep that are necessary for humans thought obviously all the articles on the Internet told otherwise.

With trembling hand I knocked on the door and stood there waiting. I noticed that she doesn’t have peephole on her doors. That’s an advantage as she might just ignore me and leave me standing here. That’s not Taeyeon’s style… but she wasn’t there when I needed her the most. Why I am still making excuses for her?

I waited for about two minutes and knocked again. I counted the numbers in my mind to know how much time passed. That’s how pathetic I was.

The door on full swing caught me off guard. Now I realized the reason why it took Taeyeon some time since she stood there just in her towel, clutching it with one hand. Her hair was still wet and some drops of water were falling on the her shoulders and floor.

“What do you want?” Taeyeon asked before seeing who’s behind the door. The second her eyes landed on me she unconsciously gasped and before I could open my mouth shut the door in front of me.

I think I heard some voices inside the apartment but I couldn’t be sure. During these few seconds I only managed to see her face. The same face that I remembered and still dreamed about every night… It finally hit me how much I actually missed her. How irreplaceable she is for me.

I was about to knock again not ready to give up but before I could do that Taeyeon opened the doors herself. This time I managed to form a faint smile and said short “hello” while waiting for some reaction from the shorter girl.

It took her few more seconds to speak up “what do you want?” she repeated the question a bit annoyed but I could see curiosity behind those expressive eyes too. Some time ago… I knew them so well… could they lie to me? They never did before.

“Can I… come in? Can we talk?” I asked politely not sure how to start this conversation. I felt that Taeyeon is the one who should give me an explanation but for some reason standing right in front of her I feel petrified and can’t start demanding things. That’s not how I planned to have this conversation in my mind.

Believe me I imagined this scene way too many times. How I would speak my mind and made her listen. How I demand Taeyeon to explain her reasons… how she will apologize and we get back together… of course… that was only a dream.

“If you’re busy with someone else I can meet you any other day,” I added bitterly remembering the voices from inside the apartment.

I expected her to agree to this term but instead Taeyeon stood aside and let me in “that’s just my TV,” she commented simply while closing the door and rushing to the other room to turn it off. When she got back all I could hear was silence.

She looked at me expectantly. So yeah… I’m the one who needs to speak. Fine. I can speak. I have a lot to say.
I opened my mouth but nothing came up. I just stood there staring at her. Her figure that looked just I remember, her brown expressive eyes that always betrayed her little lies, her lips who shared the most beautiful smiles with me, the same lips that I couldn’t stop kissing and never got tired of.

I don’t think I was in my right mind when I stepped closer to her, cupping Taeyeon’s cheeks and capturing her lips. I have expected her to push me away as she froze under my touch but instead I felt her answering the kiss. She even pulling me closer. Few seconds later she bit my lip and not in a playful way.

This reminded me of situation and made me retreat from the kiss. I still felt her lips on mine. It felt like all my senses were coming back to me right this moment. Her smell invaded my nose. Her furious fuming, red and angry face caught my complete attention.

“What are you doing, Jessica? Do you think you can just get back from…who knows where and do this?”
Taeyeon… she rarely called me just by my name. But wait… what is she talking about.

“What do you mean?” I questioned confused why I am the one who’s being blamed for something.

“I’m talking about the fact that you have no right to do this to me again! You ran away from our wedding and what… now you found out that I’m getting married and decided to play more? I’m having none of it!” with unreasonable amount of strength Taeyeon pushed me through the door.

Before Taeyeon smashed the door into my face I noticed her eyes full of tears “I don’t need another break up letter from you!” with that I had to back out or the strength of the door would have broken my nose.

I stood few more seconds trying to gather my thoughts and understand what Taengoo was talking about. My Taengoo who kissed with the same passion like before… my Taengoo who cried when she saw me… I want to scream in frustration so someone…anyone would tell me what her words means! I have never written any letter to her…especially not a break up letter. What the hell? Why instead of getting answers after coming here I got even more questions?

From the last stare Taengoo gave me I doubt she going to tell me anything. But I need to ask around…someone will know what all of this means.


I met up with Yoong next morning because my curios friend wanted to know everything that happened the day before. I barely slept so my condition couldn’t be described as a good one. Still… I decided that there’s no point staying in bed and hiding from the reality of life.

“I’m so confused… Taengoo…I mean… Taeyeon blamed me for everything from the second she laid her eyes on me…well no… at first she slammed the doors and I thought that she might just leave me hanging.”

“And then?” Yoong seemed unusually calm about the situation. As if she was trying on purpose to control her usual vitality.

“Well… we talked a bit… well no… I stole a kiss and then we walked a bit…”

“You did WHAT?” yes, there is my friend. “Are you insane? You haven’t seen each other for six years and the first thing you do is steal a kiss? Are you retarded?”

“Eh…it kind of happened I didn’t plan it, you know!” I pouted because of the scowl and added “also… don’t you want to hear the full situation… not just beginning of it?”

Yoona eyed me as if I was really insane but nod encouraging me to continue. I told my best friend everything that happened in Taeyeon’s apartment and waited for some comments, even if she scowls at me again. It is better than that silence treatment that she’s now giving me.

Apparently I interpreted Yoona’s silence as a bad thing but the girl surprised me with a sudden comment.

“Maybe… I’m against it… but maybe you should try talk with Fany and Sunny…Tiffany might try to kill you… but there’s some hope that Sunny would tell you something if you convince her that you truly don’t know what is happening.”

“Maybe… Maybe I should try…”


I waited for a day knowing that Yoong arranged the meeting and drove to Sunny’home. I don’t know about her and Tiffany relationship status, but they are living together so it must be serious. I knock on their front door nervously and let out a breath I have been holding when Sunny was the one opening the doors.

“Oh…hi,” she greeted me awkwardly while letting me in. I think I heard her whisper “I’m sorry if Fany…” but she didn’t get a change to finish the sentence as Tiffany came from their kitchen.

“You have already ruin a perfect morning… so just tell us what you want and leave. I hope you can fled the city like before. The sooner – the better.”

I bit my lip unsure how to start the conversation (it was unusual for me to react this way. Any other day I would have had a good comeback for Tiffany’s rude comment, but confusion somehow clouded my mind.) Luckily Sunny nod her head encouraging me.

“I’m…I have met with Taeyeon few days ago…”

Tiffany raised her hand while pointing in my direction accusingly “See Sunny! I told you… who else could leave Taeyeon such a mess! Of course it had to be you,” she added through gritted teeth and I had to step back a bit.

I have always had somewhat decent relationship with Tiffany. We barely spend time together, I could probably count those times on my fingers and also all of them were with either Taengoo or Sunny. Surprisingly these two weren’t even together back then. To put it simple, we were neither friends nor enemies, it worked out for us that way. This hostility though came out of nowhere.

I tried to forget Tiffany’s accusation for a moment and concentrated on my reason coming here. ” I know you lost contact with Yoong and there is a lot that she can’t tell me. The thing is… I need to find out what had happened.”

“You left my best friend at the altar waiting for you. That’s what happened.”

“Well yes…obviously I couldn’t come because of my…”

I didn’t get to finish when unexpectedly Tiffany slapped me. “Really? You talk so freely about it? Just leave. Taeyeon is happy and she doesn’t need you anymore. If I have to see her as hurt as she has been back then…I will haunt you down.”

Tiffany stopped her threatening stance when she heard microwave in the kitchen. “When I get back…I don’t want to see this one in my home.”

She immediately turn around and walked out leaving me speechless. I turn to look at Sunny who scratched her head and smiled apologetically “I told Yoona that there is only one way this conversation could go… but I also made a promise… she said that it is literally the last thing she’s going to ask from me… so here.”

Sunny extended her hand with a key in it.

“Is that…what I think it is?”

“Yoona probably has some sort of plan… I think it is best if you discuss it with her.”

Sunny looked at the direction of kitchen with a wonder “I think you should go…Tiffany might come back with a knife.”

I looked at the girl wide eyed. I knew that Tiffany had a temper when it came to certain things so it is better not to risk it. I took the key rushing to their front door but still… I had to ask… to get a confirmation so I can either move on or maybe…fight for my one true love.

“Is…she really happy?”

I should have asked Sunny this earlier because she already rushed me outside when Tiffany came back to the room. Before closing the doors she looked at me wondering for a second, she didn’t say anything but shook her head.

I got an answer that made my heart flutter with hope… Taengoo…I’m going to figure out what all of this means. This can’t be the end of our story.
I had been back home for almost five days now. I met few of my classmates that we lost touch through the years, and once evening Yoona forced me to have dinner with her and SeoHyun (as if I haven’t know the girl). Of course… I haven’t seen Hyun for a long time, but I have always remembered how she ran away from my ‘crazy in love’ best friend.

I think Seohyun even moved to a different country running away from her stalker…but guess what, Yoong didn’t waste her time and moved right after her.

Surprisingly all this creepiness payed off, Seohyun agreed to go out with her and realized that she might as well fall for older (but less mature) girl.

They have been together ever since, I knew this because Yoong called me telling all the details of their relationship. It creeps me out how much I knew but tried not to show it or Seohyun might as well try to run away from my friend again.

Honestly, there meeting were good distractions but no matter what I did… Taeyeon stayed on my mind…and in my heart.


Yoong told me that we need to be cautious and wait until Taeyeon leaves for work. She has also shared that crazy idea of breaking into her apartment and searching for that letter… letter that ruined our past and that I wasn’t even aware that existed.

We could go to jail for breaking in… but what else is there to do… Taeyeon hasn’t tried to speak with me again, Tiffany would probably run me down with a car if I try to get in contact with Sunny again… and I’m definitely not going to meet Taeyeon’s parents again. They don’t care about my misery.

We agreed that Yoona will be on the look out, she mentioned that there might be a chance that Taeyeon burn or thrown my letter away or maybe it doesn’t even exist and she just told me about it just to mess with my head, but I knew my Taengoo too well…

She wouldn’t have throw it away… she would have kept it and read it repeatedly trying to convince herself that what is written is true. I have just hoped that I can find her hiding place.


The big day come and I was looking around the apartment. Yoona agreed to text me if she sees something suspicious and because we went quite early… I had hope to end this mission successfully.

Look at me acting like a child. But ask yourself… what would you do if your world turn upside down just like that.

After an hour of aimless search and Yoong texting me randomly out of boredom, I was close to giving up until I noticed Taeyeon perv section. I will let your imagination ruin wild what kind of things there were… would she leave it inside something like this? I had to check.

YES! I was close to tearing up for finding that letter. As I guessed it has been used many. It instantly caught my attention ‘Dear Taengoo’… was written down on the envelope.

I was taken back a bit realizing that it definitely resembles my handwriting. It is not an exact 100% match… but even I would have believed that these are my thoughts.

Too much of a coincidence, if I might add.

My hands were shaking but I couldn’t wait any longer. I looked inside to read everything that has been written. Unconsciously tears started falling down my cheeks.


Dear Taengoo,

I have been thinking about this for so long… I couldn’t say when my doubts started… were they before you proposed to me or after…

But they always stayed in my head… torturing me…

It is all my fault, for waiting so long… for not expressing them out loud… for leading you on…

I’m choosing the worst possible moment to say this… but if not now…when?

I would only make it harder if I come today… I don’t want a scene where I burst into tears while standing next to you at the altar and ran out like in some drama…

I also realize it is unfair to you no matter what I do. Especially when you stayed by my side…fought for this love.

Everyone around us kept telling you that at some point I will give up, but you were so determined to make me yours… with your pervert comments and cuddles.

You kept telling me how beautiful and special I am…and I guess… I just didn’t want to lose any of that. I got spoiled by your attention and hide my true feelings somewhere deep inside.

I realize now… maybe I DO love you… but it is not the same thing you feel for me.

I’m so sorry Taengoo! But you have time now… time to find the one for yourself! Your true love! Time to move on from an idiot like me!

I wish to see you happy… but it is better for me to disappear… If I stayed near it would only hurt you more.

This is a goodbye… please don’t hate me.


What the hell have I just read? It sounded like me… that’s the worst part. Not the point about our love…my love for Taengoo… but everything else… gosh… everyone saw that I was freaking out and even expressed uncertainty about our wedding back then.

What bride wouldn’t panic before her wedding, though? I need to think… there has to be a clue or something…

I was about to read it again and torture myself even more if I haven’t heard familiar-confused voice.

“What…what are you doing here?” Taeyeon asked while unconscionably dropping down her keys.

I Don’t Like You – [Extra #2]


[First sip]

Taeyeon took the beer that Sunny gave her, but she didn’t forget to squint her eyes and show suspiciousness. Sunny buying her a drink without any reason was unusual. Taeyeon didn’t even try to hide it from her face.

“Oh come on, Taeng… I invited Yoona to join us too… not sure where she is though… but she should soon be here. I will buy a drink for her too.”

“Yeah… but it is unlikely behavior of yours… You don’t usually waste your money on us. You’re really stingy.”

“Hey! I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Am not!”



“Oh hey, Yoong!” Taeyeon waved to younger girl that finally showed up and practically ran to her unnies with apologetic smile on her face. “Sorry, I’m late guys. Traffic… oh… you already started drinking?”

“Not quite. You should order too. Sunny is buying.”

“Cool!” Yoona smiled brightly. Spending other people money did sound more pleasant that spending your own. “Can I order some food too?”

“If you order it, then pay for it yourself. I’m only buying drinks.”

“HA!” Taeyeon pointed at Sunny triumphantly “Point proven!”


[Third Sip]

All three girls were drinking and enjoying their time in quite calm bar. It was closest to their job and surprisingly the whole action here started only around 2AM. They came around 10PM, so it meant that they should either way for 4 hours, or Sunny’s plan was simple = there is no need for party. The point is to get Taeyeon drunk and hear older girl reasons for disliking Seohyun.

It didn’t work well though. Sunny was as per usual drinking way more than those two combined and didn’t even feel the effects, Yoona ordered a lot of food (yes, she sacrificed her own money because of Sunny’s stinginess) and ate more than drank. Taeyeon didn’t rush either. She knew her limit.

Of course… Sunny had some tricks on her sleeve, distracting Taeyeon meant she will stop counting those sips and will let loose. So Sunny started telling the most annoying things that she had to deal with through this month and when you hear something for a third time – you do need to take a drink to keep yourself calm and don’t shout at your friend to ‘shut up.’

Sunny’s evil plan started working. Taeyeon did forget how much she had drank and started concentrating on alcohol instead of her voice.


[Taeyeon’s first bottle (almost finished), Yoona’s (food = done, second bottle started), Sunny’s = 5th bottle finished).]

“Taeyeon who are you texting? I don’t think you are actually writing something… you are just pressing random buttons, aren’t you?”

Taeyeon blushed against her own will and snickered loudly (probably believing that she’s very quiet and subtle) “No one.”

Sunny sighed deciding that maybe it could be a good chance to finally ask the most important question of this evening. “So… mmm… can I ask you something, Tae?”


“Come on. Just one question. I promise. I will keep my mouth shut after that.”

Taeyeon looked up from her phone, considering it. “Wait a sec…” and send two new messages. The ones who Seohyun later on did read out loud for her unnies:

“Sunny is annoying!”

“Drunk she is.”


Yoona lay her head on the table dramatically and sighed “I’m so lonely… aren’t you lonely, Tae? I want to be in love… in a relationship… and all that other annoying but at the same time exciting stuff…”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders confused “Maybe. I’m not sure. I… probably? I don’t know… do I?” Taeyeon started questioning herself with pure and honest curiosity. The expressions on her face changed so often that it looked a bit funny and resembled confused child. “Yeah… I’m too…”

Of course, sober and stubborn Taeyeon would have never confessed this out loud and Sunny realized that there won’t be more perfect change to ask away. “Okay, my question now.”

“I already answered.”

“What??? Yoona just… randomly spoke about… seriously?” Sunny couldn’t even form words to express her irritation.

Taeyeon nod stubbornly and pouted “You said one question. You didn’t say which one of you ask me…”

“True… she’s not lying… that’s true.” Yoona agreed also pouting and looking at Sunny as if she’s the bad guy. Unfortunately, drunk Yoona completely forgot about their plan for the night.

Sunny faced palm herself. “Great.”


[Taeyeon = first bottle finished, Yoona = second bottle finished – third bottle started, Sunny = 7th bottle started.]

Taeyeon fall asleep, on the table, face down in her own phone that probably for some time still kept on sending some weird not making any sense messages.

Yoona kept on continuing that ‘feeling lonely’ topic and tried to get some sort of reaction and answer out of Sunny, pouting most of the time, even using Aegyo which made Sunny cringe.

Sunny curses everyone in her head and silently thanked that thing like alcohol exists in this world or she might end up killing these two losers.

And the rest is history…

Love is a Battlefield [Part 5]

WARNING: rated chapter. I have seen different rating around the forums, but it should fit to ‘R’ or ‘M’. Not too much of it but still… I know it is necessary to mention stuff like that.

~Present Day~

Tiffany Hwang POV

I have been sitting and staring blankly at the white wall in front of me for at least half an hour. The conversation with Sunny certainty took a toll on me. I know that she’s a friend, ironically – the friend of all three of us, and she also wants to help and somehow solve everything, but her thoughts, her ideas, her implied suggestions makes me even more confused. I didn’t think it was actually possible to get worse. I mean come on… I suggested my best friend that I’ll sleep with her (as a meaningless one night stand) while having unresolved feelings for her.

Yes. I have feelings for Taeyeon and that is something that I have been aware of for quite some time already. Genuinely, it might have even been years, I was too concentrated on myself and dating guys, calling her my ‘bestie’ that I didn’t give a second thought about the situation.

I never considered of sitting down or thinking about my confusing feelings, but somehow Taeyeon did become my everything. The closest person I have in the city…and probably… the closest person to my heart.

Damn, and that night? There is so much to take in. Luckily, I’m a good actress (years of practice of hiding ones feelings can train you well) so Taeyeon hasn’t noticed what was on my mind for real. She couldn’t read my mind or desire to hug her and never let her go.


Why Sunny needs to notice things and complicate my approach on this situation?

I could pretend that it really meant nothing to me. That I meant what I have told Taeyeon and agreed with hers ‘it means nothing’ statement but is that really the best solution?

Taeyeon is in hiding at the moment which means – she avoids reality, hides in her own room surrounded by pillows and toys… Sunny mentioned that she keeps on looking various videos, photos and remembering her relationship with Jessica. I know… all of us know… that at times like that we need to give Taeyeon a bit more space. If it was Seohyun, I (or other of her friends) would sit and console her, watch stupid romantic comedies and eat chocolate. In Taeyeon’s case… she’s so slow, we might as well reach this level only six months later. Unless I do try something unconventional.

It has been four days of silence since that night. I don’t even know what Tae thinks about what happened between us…  so how can I move forward when she’s the one that keeps me stuck?


~Five Days Ago~

“What did you just say?”

If there was ever a moment in here life when Taeyeon was speechless, this one definitely counted as the one where she was most confused. I could see it clearly by the way she handled this situation and my unexpected proposition of one night stand.

Was I actually thinking before voicing my thoughts out loud? No. Of course not.

“Did you just suggest…what I think you suggested?”

I could get out off this. I could laugh out loud and say that it was just a joke. Taeyeon would probably snap and call me an idiot, but she wouldn’t doubt my true intentions. Her expression said it all actually, she wanted to ask what’s got into me, but didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Well… I might as well dive in full force. No point in backing out when I have already made the first move. Am I drunk? Drunk people are brave and foolish – that would explain it. Though, on the contrary, who am I trying to fool… myself?


I needed to stand my ground or she won’t believe me, and as long as we kept on arguing about the matter, I did fight back with full force and determination. The only time I did waver was when Taeyeon mentioned that she’s not someone who sleeps with random people… or maybe she said she doesn’t do it randomly. Still, for a split second this did strike a cord with me.

“How is this random? I have already told you, I’m far from random people!”

It was also the moment when I kissed Taeyeon. I knew her weakness (not because of practice, but because of many stupid games we played in our teens, like: truth or dare, that usually resulted in revealing secrets about each other) so I bit her lower lip, which resulted in Taeyeon being more responsive than she was before.

There was a pause in between… I panicked realizing what I have just done… and most importantly – without her permission. I backed away slightly, but didn’t find strength in me to move farther away. I did start rambling and explaining myself, how much I care, how I want to help, and I meant all that. But at the same time, I meant a lot more.

I wanted her. Simple as that.

It surprised me when Taeyeon was the first one to initiate kissing afterwards. Her words: “this means nothing” did hurt me a bit, but I knew where am I getting myself into. I wasn’t naive after all, and somehow those words lose their ground after Taeyeon repeated them few more times more quietly and absent-mindlessly.

Taeyeon lead me into her apartment and while I throw my arms around her neck, her hands gripped my ass. I can’t say it surprised me, that’s just how much of a pervert she is.

I buried my hands in her hair, holding her close, while we stumbled around her living room and ended up on the closest couch. Me – in her lap. I could feel the pressure of my clit and I couldn’t stop myself from rocking slowly against Taeyeon. She didn’t help me much in this situation either, kissing along the line of my jaw and down to my neck.

Teasing me.

I didn’t even notice when my t-shirt and bra disappeared and I was left only in my panties. Her hands were cupping my breasts and bursts of pleasure went straight from my nipples to my clit.

I realized that I kept on unconsciously rocking in Taeyeon’s lap when unexpected she snickered. Unbelievable, I know! Maybe she did get too drunk… wait what if I’m taking advantage of her? These sort of thoughts were soon forgotten when Taeyeon smirked catching my gaze.

“You could come just from this, right?”

I knew that Taeyeon was teasing me, since she didn’t even try to hide her smirk, but she didn’t give me time to come up with a ‘brilliant’ comeback and instead started swirling her tongue around my nipples.

I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and it seemed to both confirm, and encourage Taeyeon to keep on going, she slip a hand beneath my panties to stroke my wet mound.

“Oh…Tae…Oh God…” Her name easily slipped out of my mouth, alongside to uncontrollable moans. Her strokes were frantic with intend made me come as soon as possible. Taeyeon sinked her fingers deep inside of me and our gazes locked as I shuddered and cum just like that.

We ended up in Taeyeon’s bathroom afterwards. I did help her to take care of her clothes too (as much as I managed), but it didn’t last long until her fingers slid my panties down and dropped them to the floor. She dragged her tongue along my slit, flicking, sucking, bitting, while I writhed on her bed.

“I w-will cum soon if you keep o-on…”


I gripped and tugged Taeyeon’s hair, wanting her as close to me as possible and kept on rambling incoherences that she can’t/shouldn’t/won’t stop whatever she was doing. After few more agonizing seconds my hips jerked as I sanked deeper into the mattress, pulling away from her mouth. I came undone and pushed her head away as I looked up at Taeyeon.

Even feeling breathless, I still didn’t want to stop, this resulted in my pulling Taeyeon closer for another open-mouthed, passionate kiss. It was better than thinking, over-thinking, or panicking of the things that were happening. That probably wouldn’t be happening if we thought clearly about it.

I reached my third orgasm of that night when Taeyeon was humping against me, our clits gliding on each other, faster and harder each time. It wasn’t even the whole action that broke me apart, it was Taeyeon’s words, which she whispered while panting into my neck.

“You feel so good.”


And then… the awkward morning after came, with me sneaking outside while Taeyeon was still sleeping, leaving a short note and pretending that it didn’t mean more than it did. Just a one night – this means nothing, kept ringing in my own thoughts, until I forced myself to believe it too.

Unfortunately, this conviction didn’t last for long.


[Present Day]

I heard loud knocking that brought me back from my thoughts and looked in the direction of my doors. The knocking didn’t stop, and I knew only one person who can be persistent like that.

I have never walked this slowly to open my doors, but today was an exception. I’m not sure how much time has passed, but when I finally opened them, Taeyeon looked pissed.

“What’s up with this snail pace?”

“What are you doing here?”

“I got your text message. Something urgent.. blah blah.. come as soon as you can.” Taeyeon walked inside my apartment and sighed turning around. “So?” She didn’t look content and was still panting hardly after all the knocking.

Oh…I didn’t expect her to see that message so soon… especially when Sunny mentioned Taeyeon’s unavailability these few couple of days. But it is now or never… I can’t back out from my plan. This is crazy but… oh the hell with it.

I stepped forward getting closer to Tae, while she instinctively walked backwards.


Her slight panic didn’t discourage me and I stopped only when I had a chance to put my hands on her waist, and lean close enough to whisper in her ear.

“I want to be on top.”

I Don’t Like You – [Extra #1]


“We need to do this together, you can’t leave me alone in this!” Sunny protested while glaring at Yoona. This all happened before Sunny’s brilliant plan to get Taeyeon drunk, so obviously it was also before the embarrassing messages that Tae left for Seohyun, and before Yoona and Sunny make out in the corridor, behind Taeyeon’s doors.

Yoona sighed, clearly annoyed “Fine…” but then “will you buy me food afterwards if I help you?”

“Do you want me to fight you again?”

Yoona laughed out loud after this pointless threat “You do know people call me him Yoona  for a reason? If I wanted to… I could just…”

Sunny crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows “really? I think I’m pretty strong too. Do you want to fight me and figure it out?”

The two stood in front of each other quite comically, and it might actually ended in a fight for dominance if not Seohyun “Hey, Sunny unnie…I got your message, what’s the matter?”

“Good! We are all here! Let’s discuss it, since it is REALLY important! We can’t mess up!” Hearing this Yoona looked at Sunny strangely, as if shorter girl is actually crazy if she considers it a serious matter, while Seohyun showed her respect and concentration, eager to hear what her unnie has in mind.


It was a quiet day. Nothing much happened during it, so it was a rare chance for Taeyeon to enjoy her time alone. Away from Seohyun (since the girl even visited her at home with that damn chicken soup) and Sunny (or Yoona, since lately those two spend most of their time together, with their pointless and crazy conversations.)

So to commemorate this quiet day, Taeyeon used earphones, listened to music, and read a book that another co-worker recommended to her about two years ago. Yes, it took literally this much time for Taeyeon to actually listen to the suggestion.

The day went quite well, but she should have known. Things are never as good as they seem. She got the confirmation when Sunny stole her earphones away, and she noticed three girls standing in front of her. Determined, crazy looking – Sunny, a bit passive but curious – Yoona, and somewhat awkward about the things that were happening – Seohyun.

“We got to talk!” Sunny crossed her arms and showed that she means business.

“Why do people value others’ time so little? Now we would have the inevitable small talk. I could have spent fifteen minutes at home practicing aikido.”

“Aikido? What the hell are you talking about? Look at yourself! You’re A4! Paper weight!”

Taeyeon closed the book and sighed “I just read the quote from this book. It does make sense with all that small talk… can you just go straight to business so I can enjoy the rest of my day?”

The whole quote from the book took Sunny off guard, and she punched Yoona lightly, while whispering “speak!”

“Why me? That was your idea!” Yoona whined instead of doing what she’s told, while Taeyeon sighed getting a bit impatient.

“Fine. If not me – you won’t achieve anything people. So… I won’t beat around the bush and just say it.. because you want to hear it straight away… the thing is… this is intervention.”


“Intervention is the action or process of intervening. An intervention is the act of inserting one thing between others, like a person trying to help. Intervention comes from the Latin intervenire, meaning “to come between, interrupt.” Seohyun answered as if reciting some dictionary.

“Hyun not now!” Sunny sighed, realizing that she’s the boss here. Yoona wasn’t helpful, and the best Seohyun could do is explain the meaning of certain words. They all knew what  it meant either way.

“The thing is… people keep talking… and we’re getting concerned… do you really have no idea what I’m talking about Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon shook her head.

“You sure? Not even the slightest clue?”

Once again, Taeyeon repeated the previous action, getting a bit impatient. She wasn’t the only one, all of them heard Yoona’s stomach growl quite loudly. The girl just ate her lunch and she was hungry all over again.

“The thing is… well.. I will just… say it… get over it… the thing is…”

“Soonkyu, please just say what you have in mind. Yoona will die from hunger if you keep on going!”

“FINE! Fine… okay… so the thing is…” Sunny closer her eyes and embraced herself for what’s coming next.

“The thing… you need to stop using FANTASTIC BABY as your answer all the time. You’re scaring our co-workers and interns…”

“Are you all serious right now?” Taeyeon looked at three girls standing in front of them, and they all nod simultaneously.

“Omg… I can’t believe you interrupted my – me time- for this…” she shook her head, not hiding her irritation and opened her book once again.

“So… will you stop, Taeyeon unnie?” Seohyun asked carefully, unsure what to do or say next. Truth be told, Seohyun wasn’t even sure why Sunny decided to invite her to this little intervention thing.

Taeyeon sighed. It wasn’t that easy to pretend that she doesn’t see them standing in front of her. “Fine. I will stop using it if the three of you will leave me alone at this instance.”

She didn’t need to repeat herself twice – Seohyun, Yoona and Sunny instantly turn around and ran away. Taeyeon smirked to herself while taking and putting her earphones in once again.

No surprise here – the song that kept playing on her iphone was indeed Big Bang’s – Fantastic Baby.

Do’s and Don’ts


[Tiffany Hwang list to Kim Taeyeon]


  • Don’t flirt with other girls (or guys.)
  • Don’t stop spoiling me.
  • Don’t hide anything from me.
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you think.
  • Don’t stop paying attention to me = don’t you dare ignoring me.
  • Don’t watch dramas without me. I don’t care how curious you are if the main pairing  will finally got together! It is our special time together!
  • Don’t doubt me, but at the same time don’t stop being jealous – it shows me how much you actually care, and how afraid you are of losing me.
  • Don’t come across as a know it all, or at least don’t show it. You know that is the reason why we argue a lot.
  • Don’t stop dreaming. It makes me happy when I see you smiling.
  • Don’t stop kissing and hugging me, unless I tell you to. Don’t stop even if I do.
  • Don’t get angry at our friends just because they are playfully flirt with me – THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS!
  • Don’t steal my clothes conveniently leaving only the ones that you like yourself. That’s a NO NO.
  • Don’t scare my co-workers and future company partners away.
  • Please don’t ask me to buy you a car for your next birthday!
  • Oh crap! Don’t you dare stop loving me!



  • Call and leave me text messages EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter how busy you are.
  • Do remember our anniversaries and other important days of our relationship:  our first date, the day when we shared our first kiss, the day when we started dating, our first night together, the day we decided to move in together, the day you proposed to me, our wedding date (and night), our honeymoon and so on.
  • Keep on singing in the shower. I really love hearing you every morning and night.
  • Keep on making us food. I don’t want to poison us if I try!
  • Love me like you do, love love love me like you do! (yes, I’m singing this.)
  • Don’t be a lazy ass! Keep on moving! Join me for a jog! Let’s go for a walk! Please please please!
  • Do stay the same pervert as you always were. I won’t ever admit it, but I secretly love it a lot.
  • Do make demands when you want something from me, voice it out. I want to spoil you too.
  • Do me as you do. (OMG… this is embarrassing.)
  • Stay as romantic and cheesy as you are. That’s another thing that I really love about you.



[Kim Taeyeon List to Tiffany Hwang]


  • Don’t text and drive. I want to keep in touch with you all the time too, but your safely is the most important thing. I rather not talk with you for a while, than hear that something happened to you on your way.
  • Don’t make our problems open for the public. I really don’t want to argue with you in the middle of the street.
  • Don’t ever disappear on me. I don’t care how angry you are. (Remembering the previous point: I would rather have you screaming at me in the middle of the street.)
  • Don’t tease.
  • Don’t force me to go jogging with you. I might as well die while on the run. We can find other methods for exercise.
  • Don’t paint all of our rooms pink. I forbid you!
  • Don’t flirt with our friends or your co-workers. Did you forget how angry and jealous I get when you do? I can be possessive too, you know?
  • Don’t send me nudes when I’m at work. It is too distracting. I can’t concentrate for the rest of the day – wanting to see you as soon as possible.
  • Don’t get angry at me just because I didn’t answer to one of your texts. You know I would never ignore you on purpose. (Unless I’m jealous and you flirted with your co-workers!)
  • Don’t stop loving me. Ever.




  • Do keep on speaking in English. I don’t understand a word you say, but you sound so sexy with that accent of yours.
  • Let’s have sex everyday. 
  • Let me do you, as I do (keke)
  • I have never met someone who loves kissing as much as you do. You made me like it too. Do keep on stealing kisses from me even when I seem unwilling to kiss you back.
  • Let me sleep in on Sundays. It would really make me love you even more.
  • Let me spoil you. You know how much I love paying for your things.
  • Spoil me too. But in bed. 
  • Do remember our anniversaries and other important days of our relationship:  our first date, the day when we shared our first kiss, the day when we started dating, our first night together, the day we decided to move in together, the day you proposed to me, our wedding date (and night), our honeymoon and so on.
  • Smile. Every day. As much as you can. It shows me how happy you are. After all, I did fall in love with your eye smile on the very first time that we met.
  • Keep on giving me those massages at least once a week. You have magic hands.
  • Do not let other people influence your bad mood. If they are annoying you – they are not worth your time.
  • Trust me. I know I suck and can’t express myself most of the time, you do not have superpowers so you can’t read my mind, but please – do keep on trusting me.
  • Do get drunk a bit more often. When I say drunk – I mean to the point where you pretend that you’re not – but you’re really tipsy and adorable!
  • Do join me in the shower whenever I start singing. I do love your company.
  • Do you remember the previous ‘Don’t’ point of not sending me nudes when I’m at work. Well… do send me nudes. YES PLEASE! Just… you know… not at work… maybe?