I Don’t Like You – [Extra #2]


[First sip]

Taeyeon took the beer that Sunny gave her, but she didn’t forget to squint her eyes and show suspiciousness. Sunny buying her a drink without any reason was unusual. Taeyeon didn’t even try to hide it from her face.

“Oh come on, Taeng… I invited Yoona to join us too… not sure where she is though… but she should soon be here. I will buy a drink for her too.”

“Yeah… but it is unlikely behavior of yours… You don’t usually waste your money on us. You’re really stingy.”

“Hey! I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Am not!”



“Oh hey, Yoong!” Taeyeon waved to younger girl that finally showed up and practically ran to her unnies with apologetic smile on her face. “Sorry, I’m late guys. Traffic… oh… you already started drinking?”

“Not quite. You should order too. Sunny is buying.”

“Cool!” Yoona smiled brightly. Spending other people money did sound more pleasant that spending your own. “Can I order some food too?”

“If you order it, then pay for it yourself. I’m only buying drinks.”

“HA!” Taeyeon pointed at Sunny triumphantly “Point proven!”


[Third Sip]

All three girls were drinking and enjoying their time in quite calm bar. It was closest to their job and surprisingly the whole action here started only around 2AM. They came around 10PM, so it meant that they should either way for 4 hours, or Sunny’s plan was simple = there is no need for party. The point is to get Taeyeon drunk and hear older girl reasons for disliking Seohyun.

It didn’t work well though. Sunny was as per usual drinking way more than those two combined and didn’t even feel the effects, Yoona ordered a lot of food (yes, she sacrificed her own money because of Sunny’s stinginess) and ate more than drank. Taeyeon didn’t rush either. She knew her limit.

Of course… Sunny had some tricks on her sleeve, distracting Taeyeon meant she will stop counting those sips and will let loose. So Sunny started telling the most annoying things that she had to deal with through this month and when you hear something for a third time – you do need to take a drink to keep yourself calm and don’t shout at your friend to ‘shut up.’

Sunny’s evil plan started working. Taeyeon did forget how much she had drank and started concentrating on alcohol instead of her voice.


[Taeyeon’s first bottle (almost finished), Yoona’s (food = done, second bottle started), Sunny’s = 5th bottle finished).]

“Taeyeon who are you texting? I don’t think you are actually writing something… you are just pressing random buttons, aren’t you?”

Taeyeon blushed against her own will and snickered loudly (probably believing that she’s very quiet and subtle) “No one.”

Sunny sighed deciding that maybe it could be a good chance to finally ask the most important question of this evening. “So… mmm… can I ask you something, Tae?”


“Come on. Just one question. I promise. I will keep my mouth shut after that.”

Taeyeon looked up from her phone, considering it. “Wait a sec…” and send two new messages. The ones who Seohyun later on did read out loud for her unnies:

“Sunny is annoying!”

“Drunk she is.”


Yoona lay her head on the table dramatically and sighed “I’m so lonely… aren’t you lonely, Tae? I want to be in love… in a relationship… and all that other annoying but at the same time exciting stuff…”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders confused “Maybe. I’m not sure. I… probably? I don’t know… do I?” Taeyeon started questioning herself with pure and honest curiosity. The expressions on her face changed so often that it looked a bit funny and resembled confused child. “Yeah… I’m too…”

Of course, sober and stubborn Taeyeon would have never confessed this out loud and Sunny realized that there won’t be more perfect change to ask away. “Okay, my question now.”

“I already answered.”

“What??? Yoona just… randomly spoke about… seriously?” Sunny couldn’t even form words to express her irritation.

Taeyeon nod stubbornly and pouted “You said one question. You didn’t say which one of you ask me…”

“True… she’s not lying… that’s true.” Yoona agreed also pouting and looking at Sunny as if she’s the bad guy. Unfortunately, drunk Yoona completely forgot about their plan for the night.

Sunny faced palm herself. “Great.”


[Taeyeon = first bottle finished, Yoona = second bottle finished – third bottle started, Sunny = 7th bottle started.]

Taeyeon fall asleep, on the table, face down in her own phone that probably for some time still kept on sending some weird not making any sense messages.

Yoona kept on continuing that ‘feeling lonely’ topic and tried to get some sort of reaction and answer out of Sunny, pouting most of the time, even using Aegyo which made Sunny cringe.

Sunny curses everyone in her head and silently thanked that thing like alcohol exists in this world or she might end up killing these two losers.

And the rest is history…


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