Love is a Battlefield [Part 5]

WARNING: rated chapter. I have seen different rating around the forums, but it should fit to ‘R’ or ‘M’. Not too much of it but still… I know it is necessary to mention stuff like that.

~Present Day~

Tiffany Hwang POV

I have been sitting and staring blankly at the white wall in front of me for at least half an hour. The conversation with Sunny certainty took a toll on me. I know that she’s a friend, ironically – the friend of all three of us, and she also wants to help and somehow solve everything, but her thoughts, her ideas, her implied suggestions makes me even more confused. I didn’t think it was actually possible to get worse. I mean come on… I suggested my best friend that I’ll sleep with her (as a meaningless one night stand) while having unresolved feelings for her.

Yes. I have feelings for Taeyeon and that is something that I have been aware of for quite some time already. Genuinely, it might have even been years, I was too concentrated on myself and dating guys, calling her my ‘bestie’ that I didn’t give a second thought about the situation.

I never considered of sitting down or thinking about my confusing feelings, but somehow Taeyeon did become my everything. The closest person I have in the city…and probably… the closest person to my heart.

Damn, and that night? There is so much to take in. Luckily, I’m a good actress (years of practice of hiding ones feelings can train you well) so Taeyeon hasn’t noticed what was on my mind for real. She couldn’t read my mind or desire to hug her and never let her go.


Why Sunny needs to notice things and complicate my approach on this situation?

I could pretend that it really meant nothing to me. That I meant what I have told Taeyeon and agreed with hers ‘it means nothing’ statement but is that really the best solution?

Taeyeon is in hiding at the moment which means – she avoids reality, hides in her own room surrounded by pillows and toys… Sunny mentioned that she keeps on looking various videos, photos and remembering her relationship with Jessica. I know… all of us know… that at times like that we need to give Taeyeon a bit more space. If it was Seohyun, I (or other of her friends) would sit and console her, watch stupid romantic comedies and eat chocolate. In Taeyeon’s case… she’s so slow, we might as well reach this level only six months later. Unless I do try something unconventional.

It has been four days of silence since that night. I don’t even know what Tae thinks about what happened between us…  so how can I move forward when she’s the one that keeps me stuck?


~Five Days Ago~

“What did you just say?”

If there was ever a moment in here life when Taeyeon was speechless, this one definitely counted as the one where she was most confused. I could see it clearly by the way she handled this situation and my unexpected proposition of one night stand.

Was I actually thinking before voicing my thoughts out loud? No. Of course not.

“Did you just suggest…what I think you suggested?”

I could get out off this. I could laugh out loud and say that it was just a joke. Taeyeon would probably snap and call me an idiot, but she wouldn’t doubt my true intentions. Her expression said it all actually, she wanted to ask what’s got into me, but didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Well… I might as well dive in full force. No point in backing out when I have already made the first move. Am I drunk? Drunk people are brave and foolish – that would explain it. Though, on the contrary, who am I trying to fool… myself?


I needed to stand my ground or she won’t believe me, and as long as we kept on arguing about the matter, I did fight back with full force and determination. The only time I did waver was when Taeyeon mentioned that she’s not someone who sleeps with random people… or maybe she said she doesn’t do it randomly. Still, for a split second this did strike a cord with me.

“How is this random? I have already told you, I’m far from random people!”

It was also the moment when I kissed Taeyeon. I knew her weakness (not because of practice, but because of many stupid games we played in our teens, like: truth or dare, that usually resulted in revealing secrets about each other) so I bit her lower lip, which resulted in Taeyeon being more responsive than she was before.

There was a pause in between… I panicked realizing what I have just done… and most importantly – without her permission. I backed away slightly, but didn’t find strength in me to move farther away. I did start rambling and explaining myself, how much I care, how I want to help, and I meant all that. But at the same time, I meant a lot more.

I wanted her. Simple as that.

It surprised me when Taeyeon was the first one to initiate kissing afterwards. Her words: “this means nothing” did hurt me a bit, but I knew where am I getting myself into. I wasn’t naive after all, and somehow those words lose their ground after Taeyeon repeated them few more times more quietly and absent-mindlessly.

Taeyeon lead me into her apartment and while I throw my arms around her neck, her hands gripped my ass. I can’t say it surprised me, that’s just how much of a pervert she is.

I buried my hands in her hair, holding her close, while we stumbled around her living room and ended up on the closest couch. Me – in her lap. I could feel the pressure of my clit and I couldn’t stop myself from rocking slowly against Taeyeon. She didn’t help me much in this situation either, kissing along the line of my jaw and down to my neck.

Teasing me.

I didn’t even notice when my t-shirt and bra disappeared and I was left only in my panties. Her hands were cupping my breasts and bursts of pleasure went straight from my nipples to my clit.

I realized that I kept on unconsciously rocking in Taeyeon’s lap when unexpected she snickered. Unbelievable, I know! Maybe she did get too drunk… wait what if I’m taking advantage of her? These sort of thoughts were soon forgotten when Taeyeon smirked catching my gaze.

“You could come just from this, right?”

I knew that Taeyeon was teasing me, since she didn’t even try to hide her smirk, but she didn’t give me time to come up with a ‘brilliant’ comeback and instead started swirling her tongue around my nipples.

I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and it seemed to both confirm, and encourage Taeyeon to keep on going, she slip a hand beneath my panties to stroke my wet mound.

“Oh…Tae…Oh God…” Her name easily slipped out of my mouth, alongside to uncontrollable moans. Her strokes were frantic with intend made me come as soon as possible. Taeyeon sinked her fingers deep inside of me and our gazes locked as I shuddered and cum just like that.

We ended up in Taeyeon’s bathroom afterwards. I did help her to take care of her clothes too (as much as I managed), but it didn’t last long until her fingers slid my panties down and dropped them to the floor. She dragged her tongue along my slit, flicking, sucking, bitting, while I writhed on her bed.

“I w-will cum soon if you keep o-on…”


I gripped and tugged Taeyeon’s hair, wanting her as close to me as possible and kept on rambling incoherences that she can’t/shouldn’t/won’t stop whatever she was doing. After few more agonizing seconds my hips jerked as I sanked deeper into the mattress, pulling away from her mouth. I came undone and pushed her head away as I looked up at Taeyeon.

Even feeling breathless, I still didn’t want to stop, this resulted in my pulling Taeyeon closer for another open-mouthed, passionate kiss. It was better than thinking, over-thinking, or panicking of the things that were happening. That probably wouldn’t be happening if we thought clearly about it.

I reached my third orgasm of that night when Taeyeon was humping against me, our clits gliding on each other, faster and harder each time. It wasn’t even the whole action that broke me apart, it was Taeyeon’s words, which she whispered while panting into my neck.

“You feel so good.”


And then… the awkward morning after came, with me sneaking outside while Taeyeon was still sleeping, leaving a short note and pretending that it didn’t mean more than it did. Just a one night – this means nothing, kept ringing in my own thoughts, until I forced myself to believe it too.

Unfortunately, this conviction didn’t last for long.


[Present Day]

I heard loud knocking that brought me back from my thoughts and looked in the direction of my doors. The knocking didn’t stop, and I knew only one person who can be persistent like that.

I have never walked this slowly to open my doors, but today was an exception. I’m not sure how much time has passed, but when I finally opened them, Taeyeon looked pissed.

“What’s up with this snail pace?”

“What are you doing here?”

“I got your text message. Something urgent.. blah blah.. come as soon as you can.” Taeyeon walked inside my apartment and sighed turning around. “So?” She didn’t look content and was still panting hardly after all the knocking.

Oh…I didn’t expect her to see that message so soon… especially when Sunny mentioned Taeyeon’s unavailability these few couple of days. But it is now or never… I can’t back out from my plan. This is crazy but… oh the hell with it.

I stepped forward getting closer to Tae, while she instinctively walked backwards.


Her slight panic didn’t discourage me and I stopped only when I had a chance to put my hands on her waist, and lean close enough to whisper in her ear.

“I want to be on top.”


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