I Don’t Like You – [Extra #1]


“We need to do this together, you can’t leave me alone in this!” Sunny protested while glaring at Yoona. This all happened before Sunny’s brilliant plan to get Taeyeon drunk, so obviously it was also before the embarrassing messages that Tae left for Seohyun, and before Yoona and Sunny make out in the corridor, behind Taeyeon’s doors.

Yoona sighed, clearly annoyed “Fine…” but then “will you buy me food afterwards if I help you?”

“Do you want me to fight you again?”

Yoona laughed out loud after this pointless threat “You do know people call me him Yoona  for a reason? If I wanted to… I could just…”

Sunny crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows “really? I think I’m pretty strong too. Do you want to fight me and figure it out?”

The two stood in front of each other quite comically, and it might actually ended in a fight for dominance if not Seohyun “Hey, Sunny unnie…I got your message, what’s the matter?”

“Good! We are all here! Let’s discuss it, since it is REALLY important! We can’t mess up!” Hearing this Yoona looked at Sunny strangely, as if shorter girl is actually crazy if she considers it a serious matter, while Seohyun showed her respect and concentration, eager to hear what her unnie has in mind.


It was a quiet day. Nothing much happened during it, so it was a rare chance for Taeyeon to enjoy her time alone. Away from Seohyun (since the girl even visited her at home with that damn chicken soup) and Sunny (or Yoona, since lately those two spend most of their time together, with their pointless and crazy conversations.)

So to commemorate this quiet day, Taeyeon used earphones, listened to music, and read a book that another co-worker recommended to her about two years ago. Yes, it took literally this much time for Taeyeon to actually listen to the suggestion.

The day went quite well, but she should have known. Things are never as good as they seem. She got the confirmation when Sunny stole her earphones away, and she noticed three girls standing in front of her. Determined, crazy looking – Sunny, a bit passive but curious – Yoona, and somewhat awkward about the things that were happening – Seohyun.

“We got to talk!” Sunny crossed her arms and showed that she means business.

“Why do people value others’ time so little? Now we would have the inevitable small talk. I could have spent fifteen minutes at home practicing aikido.”

“Aikido? What the hell are you talking about? Look at yourself! You’re A4! Paper weight!”

Taeyeon closed the book and sighed “I just read the quote from this book. It does make sense with all that small talk… can you just go straight to business so I can enjoy the rest of my day?”

The whole quote from the book took Sunny off guard, and she punched Yoona lightly, while whispering “speak!”

“Why me? That was your idea!” Yoona whined instead of doing what she’s told, while Taeyeon sighed getting a bit impatient.

“Fine. If not me – you won’t achieve anything people. So… I won’t beat around the bush and just say it.. because you want to hear it straight away… the thing is… this is intervention.”


“Intervention is the action or process of intervening. An intervention is the act of inserting one thing between others, like a person trying to help. Intervention comes from the Latin intervenire, meaning “to come between, interrupt.” Seohyun answered as if reciting some dictionary.

“Hyun not now!” Sunny sighed, realizing that she’s the boss here. Yoona wasn’t helpful, and the best Seohyun could do is explain the meaning of certain words. They all knew what  it meant either way.

“The thing is… people keep talking… and we’re getting concerned… do you really have no idea what I’m talking about Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon shook her head.

“You sure? Not even the slightest clue?”

Once again, Taeyeon repeated the previous action, getting a bit impatient. She wasn’t the only one, all of them heard Yoona’s stomach growl quite loudly. The girl just ate her lunch and she was hungry all over again.

“The thing is… well.. I will just… say it… get over it… the thing is…”

“Soonkyu, please just say what you have in mind. Yoona will die from hunger if you keep on going!”

“FINE! Fine… okay… so the thing is…” Sunny closer her eyes and embraced herself for what’s coming next.

“The thing… you need to stop using FANTASTIC BABY as your answer all the time. You’re scaring our co-workers and interns…”

“Are you all serious right now?” Taeyeon looked at three girls standing in front of them, and they all nod simultaneously.

“Omg… I can’t believe you interrupted my – me time- for this…” she shook her head, not hiding her irritation and opened her book once again.

“So… will you stop, Taeyeon unnie?” Seohyun asked carefully, unsure what to do or say next. Truth be told, Seohyun wasn’t even sure why Sunny decided to invite her to this little intervention thing.

Taeyeon sighed. It wasn’t that easy to pretend that she doesn’t see them standing in front of her. “Fine. I will stop using it if the three of you will leave me alone at this instance.”

She didn’t need to repeat herself twice – Seohyun, Yoona and Sunny instantly turn around and ran away. Taeyeon smirked to herself while taking and putting her earphones in once again.

No surprise here – the song that kept playing on her iphone was indeed Big Bang’s – Fantastic Baby.


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