I Don’t Like You [Part 6]

Yoona and Sunny were left alone for a moment, though no one really knew how long that moment might actually last.  Taeyeon didn’t think that it is a good idea to leave her two friends work it out. Why? She just thought that foolish and drunk people tend to make trouble, either for themselves or for others. Taeyeon was quite convinced that they wouldn’t even know how to solve it or talk it out like adults do.

There was no way Taeyeon will easily forget this whole incident and Sunny with Yoona knew it.

Oh, they really knew it.


“I don’t think apologizing will work.”

“You think? I think Taeyeon unnie will just…” Yoona put a finger to her own neck and showed how she’s cutting it, implying that Taeyeon will just end shorter girl.

“Oh! Don’t say it as if you’re not taking part in this! Taeyeon knows that you helped me out! Also, what is she even angry about? Do you think she remembers the messages? Crap… she would be embarrassed… but it is not like Seohyun would let it go… that’s not her style… she will try talk about it… but they should talk it out… are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Yoona squinted her eyes slightly with a deep frown. “No. I can’t read mind.”

“Oh come on! Do you remember how… Irene and Seulgi just started dating and well it interfere with their performances… the bosses and management team weren’t happy about it… they even considered letting those two go from the company, because they were too obvious.”

Instead of answering Yoona just nod her head.

“Well… Seohyun was always the responsible one. Do you remember that time when she got commercial bus license just because management said that the artist might not have an opportunity to travel around since they couldn’t find a reliable driver?”

Nod of a head. Confusion. Squint of eyes.

“So… Seohyun went and talked with Seulgi and Irene… like their senpai and a responsible adult. I don’t know her wording, but now when I think about it… about that same time Taeyeon started showing this animosity against her… am I wrong?”

Shrug of the shoulders. Thoughtful look.

“Wasn’t that what you thought before too? You gave me  ‘I knew it! look.”

“Oh… no no… I tried to send you a signal that I’m already hungry and that it is exhausting,” Yoona touched her stomach and pouted. “But I think it makes sense… you should try talking with Taeyeon about it… well before she actually kills Seohyun or something… she’s so aggressive.”

Sunny nod her head with agreement and started pacing around “true true.”

“Oh by the way…,” all of a sudden Yoona spoke up quite randomly but with a certain level of curiosity “should we be talking about that kiss? That’s why they left us alone.”

“What about it?”

“I don’t know. Do you… like… like remember it… and… like… liked it?”

“Mmm, yeah, sure. Do you?” Sunny asked finally facing younger but at the same time higher girl.

“Well… yes… so?”

“Good. We can continue it after work then,” Sunny commented dismissively “I don’t think we should leave Taeyeon and Seohyun alone for too long. It is too dangerous…let’s head back.” Instinctively Sunny took Yoona’s hand and started dragging younger girl after herself.

“That’s true! They might eat all the food!” Yoona added walking a bit faster with honest worry that could be clearly seen on her face.

“Omg idiot! That’s not the point!” Sunny shook her head with disappointment, but still added under her breath with hope that Yoona didn’t hear it. “You’re lucky since you’re a good kisser.”

Of course, as it happens in most situations, Yoona did hear the whispered part out loud and smirked to herself.


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