I Don’t Like You [Part 5]

Sunny and Yoona had the third meeting during one week and of course every single one of them involved Taeyeon and Seohyun situation. Even the energetic Yoona was quite tired of wasted efforts and time.

The first brilliant idea of Sunny was that to win against Taeyeon in a computer game – both on computer and telephone (using their favorite apps) but of course… Taeyeon was unbeatable.

The second brilliant idea of Sunny was asking the girl why she dislikes Seohyun that much when she’s really tired either early in the morning or at night. Truth be told, when Taeyeon got really tired she either fall asleep or didn´t talk at all.

The third, oh so brilliant idea of Sunny, was having an intervention. Three of them (Taeyeon, Sunny and Yoona) sat down together in a restaurant, far away from the office. Taeyeon had no idea about their initial plan and agreed to go because she was pretty hungry. The whole intervention ended with Sunny cursing under her breath since she had to pay for food…and there is no surprise that Yoona eats a lot. No exception this time either.

The fourth idea was to suggest never ending supply of Seohyun’s chicken soup and a recipe how to make it on her own. Taeyeon said that she would rather starve.

The last idea, the only one that Sunny still had hope with was getting Taeyeon drunk…and she did succeed with this…

…but of course it didn’t work out the way this midget wanted to.


It was the morning after. Taeyeon still absent from work, probably sleeping on her coach, unable to reach the bed after all the alcohol assuming. The two culprits: Sunny and Yoona were already at work place but one look at them and you could tell that something was off.

Neither Sunny nor Yoona discussed what happened the other night and they probably exchanged only few words during that whole morning.

Surprisingly, Yoona didn’t even touch the food that was right in front of her eyes and no matter how much you know or how you look at the situation… it is clear evidence that something important happened.

Seohyun only confirmed it when she showed up on time (obviously, the girl was probably late only that one time when Taeyeon nagged her and Yoona) and walked straight to those two.

“Did something happen last night?”

“What do you mean?” Sunny asked innocently. She even tried acting cute. It never really worked with people, unless they barely knew the girl.

“I mean what I am asking. Did something happen? Honestly, it is the first time…ever… that I got text messages for Taeyeon unnie and they were somehow… weird…”

The girl thought for a moment trying to explain what she had in mind. After few seconds of blank staring from both sides Seohyun sigh and took the phone out, reading some of the messages out loud:

“Who likes sweet potatoes more than life? Ha. That’s just… Wait… What?”

“Have you actually cursed? Like on time in your whole life? Accidentally? No? Thought so!”

“Chicken soup! Chicken soup! Chicken soup!”


“I’m not sure how to read this one since about ten messages only had random letters that didn’t make sense…”

“I forgot that it is pass 10PM. You sleep are…you..ha.”

“I do not not not not not not like you.”

“Not not…”


“Are you a witch?”

“Sunny is annoying!”

“Drunk she is.”

“Don’t like you. No no.”

“WTH Sunny and Yo.. are making out! GO AWAY! GET A ROOM!”

“Did I mention…no no… don’t like you no…”

“In the end I had few more similar to this one messages.. and the last one… well I think Taeyeon just fall asleep with her face down on the phone because…” Seohyun turn the device around and showed it to Sunny and Yoona.

The last message look somehow similar to this: arhdhasjhgiuahgkjhasqiwhaasjhkfhdasjfh

Seohyun sigh a bit tiredly and repeated her question in the same manner like the first time “so I’m asking. Did something happen last night? Also… who is Yo? Did you make out with someone or…”


She stopped close to three of them and stared at Sunny angrily, as if blaming midget for everything that bad happened in her life. After some time and awkward silence Taeyeon glared at Seohyun too “why aren’t you freaking out about the revelation about your friends?”

Seohyun forgot about the messages for a moment, a bit surprised because of the question and opened her mouth to ask about it, but Taeyeon interrupted her with a straight forward question.

“Aren’t you  homophobic? I remember how two years ago you judged Seulgi’s and Irene’s relationship.”

Truth be told, Seohyun still looked surprised and she didn’t try to hide the confusion from her face, while Yoona and Sunny looked at each other instantly, even forgetting about the whole getting drunk, making out and CCTV situation.


Yoona and Sunny said these words simultaneously and at the moment no one really knew what was happening in this situation. Seohyun was still confused because of accusation, Yoona and Sunny seemed to have some sort of revelation between the two, while Taeyeon still couldn’t erase that sigh of two of her friends making out right outside of her own apartment.


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