I Don’t Like You [Part 4]

This must be it. That’s how you feel when you die and go to hell for your sins. How else could someone look at this situation: almighty and cold Taeyeon being fed by Seohyun. Chicken soup melting in her mouth. Blocking all her other senses and most importantly – brain cells.

Yes. Taeyeon should have just closed the door. Turned around. Locked herself in a room and pretended that it never happened. She’s not even sick! Well… she’s sick of Seohyun… she’s sick of spending every single day with this girl but… that chicken soup seems to be her weakness.

Taeyeon knew from the start that it is some sort of sorcery. Maybe Seohyun is secretly a witch. Her specialty should be dark magic. How else could she make Taeyeon so defenseless. Eating food given to her like she’s some obedient puppy.

Damn it… who makes such tasty chicken soup. Soup isn’t even suppose to be tasty! Kids eat it when they’re forced by their parents! No one enjoys it that much!

“Mmm… who made this?” Taeyeon asked the question that kept on nagging her all this time, still eating it like ice cream. Let’s face it – Taeyeon eating something in the same manner as she eats ice cream must mean that it a meal you just can’t say no to.

“I made it, unnie. Before coming here, do you like it?”

Taeyeon chocked on her next slurp and pulled back. “No.”


Yoona embraces Seohyun with a hug “Hey, you!” chirpy as ever, even at early morning.

“Hey, you okay? Slept well?”

“Haven’t slept yet, at all!” Yoona laughed as if that was the best joke ever and pouted at the end. “I probably should… Sunny usually nags at me when I overwork myself.”

“Unnie takes a good care of you, right?”

Yoona just shrugged trying not to think about it. “Well yeah… It is her job, so she doesn’t have a choice.” Younger girls walked to the studio together all smiles and laughs until encountering slightly pissed of Taeyeon.

“Finally decided to show up?”

Taeyeon crossed her arms while squinting her eyes at Seohyun, while Yoona checked the time. “Oh come on, unnie… we are like… one minute late?”

Taeyeon sighed annoyed “I guess it is normal for you, Im Yoona, but Seohyun is never late. So one minute is like her getting into a car accident or something… why are you late?”

“Oh…well my friend Hanna asked me if I could bring her chicken soup and I did that on my way here…”

“Chicken soup?”

“Well, yes… she’s a bit sick, but she can’t miss work so…”

“Do you still have it with you?” Taeyeon asked trying to act as if she didn’t care at all, but her eyes kind of give her interest away.

“No…I kind of left it all with her…” Seohyun answered slightly confused but not taking her eyes away from Taeyeon.

Unconsciously Taeyeon pouted “Oh…”

Since Seohyun was probably the only one who hasn’t seen this side of Taeyeon before, she got a pleasant surprise after witnessing the scene. She couldn’t contain the smile and commented “I could bring it tomorrow, if you…want.”

“What? I don’t care about your chicken soup. No one is asking for it” Taeyeon waved her hand dismissively and turn around trying to hide her embarrassment and disappointment, still unable to forget that soup taste from few days ago. “Let’s go. There are still a lot of thing we need to do today. I don’t appreciate your slacking. Also, you’re late.”

Yoona waited a bit until Taeyeon left and sigh “eh…that midget. I guess I’m lucky she’s not my manager… is that how it usually goes between you two?”

Seohyun shook her head shortly, with still visible small on her lips “no. She usually ignores me.”

Remembering about being late for that one minute Seohyun did feel a little bit guilty so she decided to rush, while Yoona shouted with curiosity “I NEED TO TASTE THAT CHIKCEN SOUP OF YOURS TOO!”


“I think Seohyun’s chicken soup is magical.”


Sunny stopped whatever she was doing and looked at Yoona as if she was crazy. “What are you talking about? Im Yoona, can you stop thinking about food for a couple of minutes?!”

“WHAT? IT IS NOT ABOUT ME?!” Yoona suddenly fired back a bit offended. “For your information, that’s not the only thing I think about. So judgmental…”

Sunny sigh feeling defeat creeping in on her. It was impossible to win arguments with these girls… or maybe she just didn’t bother anymore?

“Just tell me what the hell you’re talking about. It is a busy day… I would rather not hear about food now…”

“Taeyeon started talking with Hyun.”


“Yeah…apparently Seo made her some chicken soup and Taeyeon question her about it. The interaction was kind of weird and I didn’t understand what was happening… but the point is – Seohyun’s chicken soup must be magical if even Taeyeon unnie asks about it. Mmm… I wish I could taste it too…”

“OUCH SUNNY-AH!” Yoona screamed when Sunny hit the back of her head.


Yoona pouted and looked down. “Sorry.” Then sigh and questioned “but really…I mean… something is off, right?”

“Well, I have no idea why Taeyeon dislikes Seohyun in the first place so… wait… I have an idea!” Sunny snapped her fingers and made the face that screamed ‘I’m brilliant.’

“So…eh… you’re going to tell me about it or stare in front of you like some idiot?”




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