I Don’t Like You [Part 3]

Sunny smiled apologetically “she’s just really sick and couldn’t come today. Tae mentioned something about having fever… I hope it is okay that you will have to work with me for the day, Seohyun?”

“Of course unnie… no problem at all,” younger girl smiled. A sincere smile.

That’s how the day went. Sunny took care of all the business, arranged some meetings, followed Hyun to her practice and recorded the stuff that’s necessary for Taeyeon to see later. Truthfully, she was pissed off at her friend. Only Taeyeon could pull this shit. Yes, she had a lot of leave days and could have chosen them at any given time but no… never before Taeyeon considered it even while barely standing on her feet. Never before – until one week while working with Seohyun passed.

It didn’t seem that Seohyun disliked Taeyeon and quite the contrary… Sunny guessed that this girl wasn’t that aware of the situation and the dislike. Whenever Seohyun mentioned her manager a.k.a. the horrible and irresponsible midget, she made excuses that Taeyeon is just an introvert and needs to get used to her… which is true… but what if she never treats Seohyun like somehow who deserves to be valued? That’s certainly worrying…

Sunny started panicking even more when after the day work was finished Seohyun stopped her before leaving and asked in a small but hopeful voice.

“Sunny unnie, maybe you have the address of my manager? I just… I want to see if she’s doing alright. She never took sick days before… so you know… it might be really serious… maybe I should even bring her some cabbage soup… or other vegetable soups? Chicken soup? People usually bring soup for sick people, right?”

Seohyun kept on rambling and it made Sunny change her mind. At first, she considered telling that she doesn’t know where Taeyeon lives (though who would believe that. Everyone knows that those two were really good friends inside and outside of job.) Later on, seeing that Seohyun is quite determined to visit Tae no matter what, she gave up with a sigh and a fake smile. “Sure, Hyun. I will write it down for you. Chicken soup might work best.. Tae… she’s not really a fan of vegetable soup…”

“Oh! Thank you for the tip and thank you very much for the address!”

Seohyun hugged Sunny before running off and smaller of the two sigh for the second time today. Sunny did look a bit worried about her decision “I should probably go and write my testament.”



Though Taeyeon did take a sick day, it wasn’t for the obvious reason. She felt alright, psychically at least. What Taeyeon needed was just one day away from her worst enemy Seohyun…

That girl was everywhere and at any given time. Taeyeon just left a bathroom – the girl stopped in front of her with a wide smile saying that she’s next in line. Taeyeon brought food and sat down in the cafeteria to enjoy her lunch – Seohyun sat in front of her telling her how nice it is to spend the time with someone while eating. Seohyun even scolded her if Tae was late for her practice or other important event.

It usually ended with a scene of Taeyeon running and panting, smiling apologetically to all the others in a room and growling when Seohyun rushed next to her asking why she’s late.

That girl was simple unbearable.



Taeyeon groan for the seventh time already. She tried to cover her head with the pillow, even knowing that it will not endure the sound of her doorbell that kept on ringing.

After few minutes of torture she threw her pillow and unwillingly get off the bed.

“Coming! Just wait a minute, will you?!”

At this point Taeyeon just let her feet drag her to the door of her apartment, while still mumbling some curses under her breath.

“What do you want?”

Taeyeon asked without checking before opening the door and wanted to face palm instantly. There she was… the person she tried, really TRIED to avoid for at least one day.

Who else if not Seohyun was standing behind her apartment door with a shy smile and a bag that certainly contained chicken soup.

“What is this sorcery?” Taeyeon mumbled losing any hope left.


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