I Don’t Like You [Part 2]

Sunny covered her face with both of her hands in a way avoiding the view in front of herself. “Omg stop pouting what the hell! You look like a twelve year old!”

Taeyeon huffed and leaned back in her chair, unhappy that this method didn’t work with Sunny. “Why can’t you just do it?”

“Because that’s your job, moron.”

“But you know I don’t like her!”



“Why you don’t like her? Tell me and maybe I’ll change my mind and help you out… a little bit at least. Though it is still not my job, moron.”


“Not gonna tell me?”

Taeyeon stood up with a sigh “whatever.” She walked away leaving Sunny to be and in a way shortie felt victorious, though on the other hand she was still curious what made Taeyeon dislike Seohyun in the first place.

Everyone liked Seohyun. EVERYONE. Sure, the girl was a bit too strict with some things, health has always been her main priority, she probably ate at the same time every day, went to bed at the same time and well… she was just really proper.

At the same time Seohyun was really friendly with everyone surrounding her. Nice and kind. People liked her for that. Even Yoona looked pass that time when Seohyun found her eating hamburger and told her that if she keeps on eating it, she will die.

What was so irritating to Taeyeon? Sunny wished she could just know. Her friend was turning into a kid, whining when she has to spend time with Seohyun, smiling like crazy if some job gets canceled or being late just because she’s dreading the moment until she gets to see the girl.

“Gosh Taeng, how about that promise of being professional?”



“Taeyeon unnie?”

Don’t. Just keep on walking. Don’t look back. You don’t need this. You’re okay. She will disappear. That’s just your imagination.

“Taeyeon unnie?”

Maybe I’m just dreaming? It can’t be that I’m hearing this whenever I go… I started having nightmares too… Seohyun is everywhere… Just keep on walking. 


Pretend that she’s not here. Who could blame you? She’s not here. She’s not running after you. SHE’S NOT HERE.



Seohyun stepped back surprised after Taeyeon outburst but smiled in friendly manner soon after. Taeyeon ignored her existence for two years so this hostility didn’t surprise her much. Of course, Seohyun still hoped that they could get passed it and get more comfortable around each other.

“Oh, I just wanted to say good morning. I’ll see you in fan signing event later, right?”

Good morning, my ass.

Taeyeon was once again forced, but somehow this time it looked like her face kept on convulsing. Her determination wasn’t enough to keep that smile on her face and younger girl noticed the weird face Taeyeon made. She reached out her hand touching her shoulder “Are you okay, unnie?”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable because of the touch Taeyeon stepped back and glared at Seohyun. “I’m fantastic! Fantastic baby!”

I should stop listening to Big Bang… what the hell. The told to herself while wincing again. “Yeah yeah… good morning, I’ll see you in the event… I need some fresh air. Bye.”

Taeyeon turn around and trot away.

“Fantasic baby?”



Taeyeon let her face to hit the table. Literally. Just hearing that familiar voice made her want to puke.

“UNNIE ARE YOU OKAY?” Seohyun rushed over, not reading into Taeyeon’s reaction and instead slouching next to her.

Taeyeon raised her head slowly, ready to retort until she was met with concern face of younger girl.

Too close.

Seohyun touch her forehead with concern. “Unnie you might get a bump… I’ll bring some ice.” She stood up and rushed out of the cabinet leaving Taeyeon sitting and staring after her.

Few minutes later Seohyun ran back inside with a pack of ice and stopped in front of older girl slowly and carefully covering her forehead “here. Better, right?”

“Fantastic baby!”

“Unnie… I liked Big Bang too but… it is a bit weird hearing it from you.”

Kill me now.


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