I Don’t Like You [Part 1]

“Wait really… you will be working with SeoHyun? I thought that’s the only idol you well… I haven’t heard you saying nice things about the girl.” Sunny commented with suspenseful glare. She knew her co-worker slash best friend too well and during all those years working in this business and taking care of the group, she hadn’t voiced out her thoughts about Seohyun. Actually, it seemed that Taeyeon just snared whenever conversation went that way.

Too proper.

Too boring.

Too ordinary.

Too goody too-shoes.

Those were the only things that Sunny heard from Taeyeon whenever she had to address younger girl, expect the times when she pretended that she didn’t exist in the first place.

“Are you sure that… you know… you can’t switch with someone else? I care about both of you…and… well… I think at this point I care more about Hyun… you will make her life a living hell.”

Taeyeon just scoffed at such thoughts. “As if.”

“You don’t like her and you will be working on her career…promoting her, following her to all important events… organizing things too… don’t you feel sorry for the girl? You will probably leave her behind and don’t even tell her important things.”

Sunny wasn’t sure how many times she heard Taeyeon’s scoff this day, but she was close to losing patience because of it. “TAENG!”

“I’m a professional okay? I won’t do anything that could harm her career so calm down Sun, really… I won’t… also, do you think I have a choice? I tried saying no but I even had an ultimatum that it is either her or… nothing… and I do need to keep myself busy… so can you not? I already have migraine… do you actually know that girl? She’s annoying and I doubt she will give me any peace… gosh… she was annoying all these years before I got appointed to be her manager… so I don’t even want to think how all of this will turn out to be now… I’m screwed…”



Sunny and Taeyeon continued screaming at each other about quite pointless stuff until the moment they heard someone knocking.

Seohyun, the reason of Taeyeon’s nightmares, smiled shyly while walking inside “oh…sorry to interrupt… they send me here.” The girl kept on smiling apologetically and looked down unsure who to address. “I’m here about my manager… I know there has been a switch…”

Taeyeon just glared at the younger girl while Sunny sigh already sensing that nothing good will come from this “Yeah… about that…”

Seohyun instantly looked up and seemed hopefully after hearing Sunny talk. Maybe she assumed that Sunny will be her new manager. That wasn’t a bad idea since Sunny took care of girls as her own… her approach was definitely more friendly and understanding than the icy log sitting on a chair and without moving. Yes. Kim Taeyeon.

Sunny could read the relief evident on Seohyun’s face and smiled apologetically “I think I should leave you two to talk for a bit…it is not me by the way, your new manager is Taeyeon…” Sunny rushed away after voicing it out not wanting to see disappointment on Seohyun’s face. She did hear a small “oh” though.



Sunny ran off without looking so she accidentally bumped into Yoona. As per usual Yoona didn’t hide her curiosity after noticing the panic in Sunny’s eyes. “You okay?”

“Oh you know… just… Taeyeon got appointed to take over Seohyun’s old manager and we all know that…she doesn’t like the girl. No one knows the reason but… I have a feeling this won’t end well… also Hyun didn’t look happy after realizing that it is not me whose going to work with her.”

Yoona was quick to change her mind and turn to walk with Sunny though her initial plan was go have a little chat with Taeyeon.

“You’re not going there anymore?”

“Oh…I just realized that I’m hungry. I’m famished!”




Seohyun cough feeling uncomfortable because of Taeyeon’s stare.



“you’re… you’re my new manager?”

“How did you guess?” Taeyeon asked sarcastically.

“But unnie it is not a bad thing … maybe we can spend more time together… we never had a chance to do so… now we can try being friends. I mean… we will have to spend every day together for now on… so that’s not a bad idea, right? We will just have to get used to spending all this time together.” Younger girl mumbled probably trying to convince both Taeyeon and herself.

Taeyeon should have known. Leave it to Seohyun to turn it all around and try to look positively at something that she considered punishment from God and her worst nightmare.

She faked a smile, after all, making sure that Seohyun could see through her since her voice stayed sarcastic “I can’t wait.”


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