Love is a Battlefield [Part 4]

Sunny rushed into a restaurant with furry in her eyes, it was one of those rare moments when this midget looked scary, ready to pounce on someone if they get in her way. Of course, when you notice a scene like that, there is always someone who’s responsible for such huge reaction.



Despite her anger Sunny regretted shouting for a moment, remembering how loud this American girl can get, especially when she doesn’t even notice the atmosphere surrounding them. Changing her approach Sunny suddenly sat in front of her friend and squinted her eyes judgmentally.

“You slept with Taeyeon.” Obviously that wasn’t a question.

Sunny could see Tiffany panicking for a moment but trying not to show it, at the same time American girl knew she couldn’t keep silent for long, Sunny’s determination only proved that it is kind of pointless trying to pretend that it didn’t happen.

“Aaa…oh… How do you know?”


“Taeyeon told you?”

Sunny wasn’t sure but it seemed that this fact both confused and surprised Tiffany.

“Don’t try over-thinking it, I found your note and I know you two are well… kind of inseparable so you not saying goodbye in person means something. I kind of jokingly asked Tae about it and well… her expression said it all.”

Tiffany looked down contemplating what to say. “So?’

“SO? Are you telling me it is normal thing to sleep with your best friend? REALLY? Also, you’re straight and Tae is a girl… like DOUBLE the surprise… unless I’m right.”

“Oh come on Sunny, not that conversation again… Also, when did we talk…like six months ago?”

Sunny could see how much Tiffany wants to avoid the topic but after finding out the truth this morning, smaller of the two had no intention of pretending that this is not concerning her. “Yes, six months ago… so look at it from my perspective… we had a conversation six months ago and six months later you’re pulling this… I’m not quite sure what this is. What it means!”

“It means nothing! Taeyeon needs to forget about Jessica and get some sort of distraction… I just wanted to help her. For your information, I did suggest one night stand with a complete stranger but you know Taeyeon… she doesn’t believe in such things… and it kind of ended this way…”

Sunny wasn’t sure if she should laugh after hearing Tiffany’s excuse or just hit her friend for all the stupidity. “Oh really? So if… for example I… dated someone… broke up and feel heart broken and feel the need of some sort of change… in your own words – a distraction, should I come to you and ask for a one night stand? We’re really good friends too.”

“Ew. NO.”

The first instant reaction said it all and Tiffany shut her mouth, whispering under her breath, still loud enough for Sunny to hear “crap.”

“My point exactly. I haven’t forgotten our conversation and I really doubt you did. I’m guessing you acted on instinct or something… but you need to be careful, Tiffany. You know that only one of you can get your heart broken after this. Jessica is still on Tae’s mind… that stubborn midget won’t forget about her that easily…Also, you should probably talk with her about… well what does it mean.”

“It means nothing… she said that. I repeated… it was just one night stand…” Tiffany sigh thinking about it more now.

“Did you get your answer?” Sunny asked all of a sudden after couple minutes of silence.

For the second time in one day Sunny didn’t need to hear an answer to know what it is. It confirmed her worries that Tiffany indeed got herself in messed up situation.


~Six Months Ago~

Woken up in the middle of the night with a thought that she will have to wake up at 5AM in the morning didn’t settle well with Sunny. Still, she couldn’t just ignore the person that knocked at her doors, or could she? The idea of turning around and going back to her bed was tempting. Very tempting.

Somehow Sunny fight against it remembering her short messaging with Tiffany few hours ago. She connected the dots that it must be her and wasn’t that surprised when indeed Tiffany wamble into her apartment.

“Good evening, Miss Hwang. So nice of you to visit me at such hour.” Sunny snorted a bit sarcastically but didn’t turn her back on a friend. “And of course you’re drunk!” She added with disappointment.

Tiffany had a good alcohol tolerance, everyone knew about it, so it meant the girl might have drank a lot. Sunny kind of wished that she left her bar in one piece. Yes, even after two years and a half Sunny still own a bar where Jessica and Taeyeon first met. That place was Sunny’s joy and pride.

She didn’t even need to wake up early in the morning if not the annual meeting that started at 7AM.


Tiffany giggled while pinching Sunny’s cheeks “aww… you so cute when sleepy… and I’m not that drunk… maybe a little bit? Yeah… I had a bit more to drink than usual… but no no… I’m not drunk.”

Sunny put her hands around Tiffany and helped the girl sit down on her sofa. “Yeah. Obviously not drunk… do you want to talk about it? Why you’re at this state and why you decided that disturbing my sleep is a good idea?”

Once again younger girl giggled, though it didn’t sound that sincere anymore. Sunny could sense some sadness in it too. “Talk… you think we should? Do you want to talk?” she asked like a kid while leaning closer to Sunny. Luckily, Sunny had no problem with touching and didn’t get affected by Tiffany’s advances.

“Yes, let’s talk. Tell me why did you drink this much.”

“TaeTae…” Sunny heard a deep sigh and looked at her friend shortly.

“TaeTae what?”

“I don’t know… You know that Jessica left to America… she decided to visit her parents since Taeyeon couldn’t get away from job and just left her by herself… that’s fucked up. Would you do that to your lover? That’s not fair.”

Sunny was unsure which side she should support at this point and it was a bit safer to agree with Tiffany. “I guess that’s not very nice… maybe she had her reasons? It is not that they broke up or something like that…”

“No no… of course not… Taeyeon will never leave her… I mean… Jessica doesn’t even treat her right but of course she wouldn’t leave her.. she made a promise to love and stay by her side… ha…and TaeTae is sad right now…” she added last sentence quite randomly, but of course, since when drunk people actually made sense.

Tiffany sigh even louder and deeper, she would have probably kept on talking even if Sunny fall asleep sitting next to her, since she didn’t check to see if the girl is listening to her. Of course Sunny did, sleep long forgotten.

“You know that Shaw Mendes song… Treat You Better… it is an american song of course… but I think you have heard it at least on the radio… like… I sometimes listen to that song and it makes so much sense… like really…then I think about Taeyeon and Jessica and me… and it kind of makes more sense… I don’t know…”

Sunny was doubtful when she asked, unsure if Tiffany might even hear or register what she says, but still tried it out. “By treat you better… you mean that you could treat Taeyeon better?”

“Don’t I treat her better? I already do… but yes? maybe? I don’t know… I’m so confused and… I think I’m jealous… but sad… and Jessica just leaves home and Taeyeon is all…sad…moody… and I’m angry… she doesn’t deserve this, does she? TaeTae deserves to be happy and… I don’t know…does it makes sense? I don’t know… I’m so confused what if… for a while I kept thinking… how do I feel… or what I think… or is it just because there was no one before Jessica and I’m not used to it… not used to TaeTae dating and all that… I don’t know…”

“She has been dating Jessica for two years and a half so it is serious…”

The look Tiffany gave Sunny as an answer screamed ‘YOU DON’T NEED TO REMIND ME.’

“Sorry… mmm… so that’s why you drank?”

“Maybe… I don’t know… maybe? I don’t know Sunny… I don’t know… I know nothing… I wish I knew… I wish I get my answer… but I don’t know…”

Since younger girl looked honestly lost, Sunny didn’t question her confusion more and instead engulfed her in a comforting hug. “It will be alright… you will figure it out… everything will be alright.”

Sunny waited until Tiffany fall asleep and decided to check on a song, including the translation too, since she wasn’t that good at English as her friend. The lyrics didn’t surprise her much and instead confirmed the suspicion. Obviously you don’t think about these kind of things for no reason:

“I won’t lie to you. I know he’s just not right for you. And you can tell me if I’m off. But I see it on your face. When you say that he’s the one that you want. And you’re spending all your time. In this wrong situation. And anytime you want it to stop. I know I can treat you better than he can.”

Sunny wished that they can continue the conversation in the morning, since it did worry her but of course Tiffany pretended that it is nothing important and that she doesn’t even remember most of it. Defense. It was definitely one of the stages. Tiffany didn’t even like girls so it probably made her more confused than ever.


~Present Time~

Reading into Tiffany’s body language and realizing how uncomfortable her friends feels at the moment Sunny bit her lip preventing herself for asking more questions. Instead she smiled sympathetically “well… whatever this is… if something more happens between you two or not… you still should go and talk with Taeyeon… maybe not now… not today… but some other day… you’re best friends first… so resolve and hear what Tae thinks about all of this.”

Like an obedient child Tiffany just nod her head shortly. “Yeah… sure.”

“And well… honestly I don’t want to keep on provoking you…or torturing you but… maybe you should think about this whole situation a bit more seriously. When was the last time you had a boyfriend? A year ago?”

“8 months ago.”

“Well still… I think that does mean something. Think about it… think a lot… figure it out… then go and have a chat. I mean Taeyeon is hiding in her apartment at the moment, probably crying rivers and reminiscing the past but she will get out of that cocoon state too.. it is better that you both come together and talk then. Who knows… maybe she will be the one that calls you first? Just wait a bit, Fany.”

The conversation died down at that and Sunny had no other choice but to leave Tiffany alone in the restaurant rushing back to her own work. She remembered making Taeyeon promise that she will call Tiffany after gathering her thoughts a bit and at the same time Sunny was glad that she had this conversation with Fany too.

Of course, she still believed that both of them were idiots, but it is not like she needs to voice it out. They know that themselves.

Sunny didn’t forget about Jessica’s situation either, going back in time to that same day when she heard about Jung’s departure and went to have a little chat with girl in a cafe near the airport.


~Few Days Ago~

Jessica and Sunny sat in a cafe and both knew that it was a goodbye, at least for now. The conversation continued quite some time until Sunny asked something that caught her interest the most.

“I know you probably won’t answer since you didn’t gave a clear reason for Tae either but… why did you break up with her?”

Jessica just smiled. Sadly. Apologetically.

“You’re right. I won’t answer this. It is complicated… but for the best.”

“Jess.. I don’t know why… but I doubt that you just stopped loving her… your eyes tell me otherwise and if you still love her… isn’t that enough? Love is all that matters to Taeyeon, all the other things can be solved and she’s ready to do that… you leaving her really confused.”

Jessica sigh but didn’t relent. “I can’t Sunny. When I’m saying that it is for the best… I mean it…  it is not the same… our relationship had lots of cracks… it was time to pull the plug.”

Sunny had to laugh at it. How casually it sounded. “Did you at least tell her that you’re leaving to Paris? and for how long?”

“She will know that I left. I’m not sure about the length of this trip… I won’t be staying there for more than 6 months. But Taeyeon doesn’t need to know it. Maybe it is better if she thinks that I’m not planning to go back at all. Do your friend this favor… it might help her move on sooner.”

“Taeyeon is not someone who just… moves on.”

“I’m aware…,” Jessica looked down avoiding Sunny’s blaming glare.

“Are you also aware that she didn’t know about those cracks you’re mentioning now and that she kept on trying believing in a happy ending… are you aware that she got a ring to prove it?”

Sunny expected some kind of reaction of this. Surprise. Shock. Anything. But Jessica just looked at her blankly and smiled sadly. “Yes. I’m aware. Take care of Taengoo…”

Jessica stood up ready to leave, so though still angry Sunny still hugged her saying goodbye. “You’re giving up on her and your love. I don’t know why… but I hope you won’t regret it, Jessica.”

She got to witness that same expression that Jessica wore during this whole meeting, though at this point Sunny was pretty certain that corners of Jessica’s eyes got moist with tears that won’t be shed, or at least something that Sunny won’t get to witness.

“I hope so too.”


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