Love Is a Battlefield [Part 3]

~Present Time~

Taeyeon went back home feeling like an emotional wreck. First of all, their break up happened quite recently and maybe she should have hated Jessica for leaving her without even giving normal explanation except that she can’t love Taeyeon in the same way anymore, or that her love is not enough…

That was something Taeyeon couldn’t understand. She had never complained about being the one giving more and receiving less. That’s just how Jessica was, it wasn’t intentional too. Truth is, there is always one who loves more in a relationship, Taeyeon never cared that she’s that person as long as she could have Jessica close to her.

Years back they were truly happy, planning their future together and not even once Taeyeon imagined her future without this girl by her side. Of course, it all changed in a blink of an eye… but why… unfortunately Taeyeon couldn’t even get an answer to that short question.

She turn off her phone after getting back home and make sure to hide her extra key (knowing how her friends can get sometimes while looking out for her), just for one day (or maybe a couple of days, considering her tendencies) Taeyeon wanted to avoid them all together and reminisce in the past. She was happy back then. If only time could stop at certain moment and things wouldn’t change… if only she could have that happiness back.



~Three Years Ago~


Taeyeon needed a lot of convincing but finally she relented and agreed to help Sunny out with the shortage of staff. She was never the type clubbing type, even working in a bar for one evening sounded somewhat horrifying for the girl… the pay was quite good though. Also, Sunny mentioned about the tips which Taeyeon could keep too. Sunny was convinced that Taeyeon might actually succeed in this job as much as she herself hated the idea of it.

Taeyeon wouldn’t want to agree with it, but Sunny was actually right. Well they both were. First of all, she got lots of tips and earn more in one night than she does in a week, secondly, as predicted she hated such a huge crowd of people.

Most of the evening was spend keeping  distance from them but at some point she had to walk a bit and that’s when the disaster happened, or at least that’s what it looked like at first. She bumped into some stranger and spilled drinks on the girl. All of a sudden Taeyeon felt cold. She never believed that someone standing right in front of you might make you feel like that, but that’s the vibe this girl gave when in curse of events Taeyeon ruined her dress.


Knowing her place and despite the fact how angry Taeyeon got, she still tried to fix it, taking a napkin from her pocket and trying to help “I’m sorry for…”


The girl stopped her shouting after finally looking up and seeing Taeyeon. “ARE YOU EVEN LEGAL TO WORK HERE?”

Not again with age. Taeyeon got to roll her eyes at that and still answered calmly “of course I am, or I couldn’t get inside this club.  How about you give me your number and later on I can pay you back for this dress?”

Unexpectedly the girl laughed “As if.”

“Excuse me?”

“As if I’m giving you my number. I can see the way you look at me and if that’s your way of hitting on me then…”

It was Taeyeon’s turn to laugh “Hit on you? I’m sorry miss but after your screaming and calling me a kid, also looking at me like I’m some pervert I don’t have such thoughts on my mind. I’m very sorry for bumping into you and I’ll repay for it if that’s necessary…for the dry cleaning or if you want to buy a new dress… but apart from that, I have no other plans. If you don’t want to give me your number…I think you can ask Sunny, the owner of this club, to help you out with that. If you know Sunny we can even exchange through her.”

“You know Sunny?”

“Yes. She’s a friend and I’m helping her out. Just… I can’t be standing around since I’m still working… if you need me to repay you back… you can ask Sunny… I have to go.”

Taeyeon sigh defeated and walked away. She did find the girl beautiful and thoughts of hitting on her did cross her mind but after the rude rejection she instantly forgot her plans. She rushed away not lying about her load of work and didn’t turn around to look at the icy girl.

She also didn’t notice the girl looking after her with undeniable curiosity.




Taeyeon was quite nervous since she got into the restaurant first and now tapped her fingers on the table while looking around anxiously. Sunny’s incoming messages didn’t help to calm her nervousness either.

Sunny: It is the first time I’m forcing you doing something like this but come on Taeng you need to be out there… not in your cave all day long. Try it out for once. 

Sunny: Are you angry? You shouldn’t be angry I’m not the only one who is thinking like that.

Taeyeon: No, but you’re the one forcing me.

Sunny: pff… for once in your life try something new. Also, you will like that girl, I promise you. She’s definitely your type.

Taeyeon: You didn’t even show me her photo… how will I know it is her when she shows up?

Sunny: she knows how you look 😉 and you’re definitely her type 😉

Taeyeon sigh. It was impossible to win against Sunny, and luckily she promised to back away and leave Taeyeon in piece if the date will turn out to be disaster, which is probably what will happen since she’s meeting a complete stranger.

Or so she thought.

“Kim Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon looked up after hearing for some reason familiar voice and soon realized why it sounds familiar. She squinted her eyes for a few seconds trying to remember where she has seen this girl before… yes she’s definitely her type… and she’s gorgeous…

But then it clicked…

“YOU!” Taeyeon pointed her finger at the girl surprised.

“Call me Jessica and that’s rude,” she commented while sitting down in front of her with a smile “and apparently you’re the girl that Sunny kept encouraging me to meet for about two months already… before you know… that club incident.”

Taeyeon wasn’t sure what  to think or what to feel at the moment so she just mumbled under her breath still confused “I wasn’t trying to hit on you.”

“I know. But you can start now.”




“You don’t need to say anything…I know…I just…I’m stupid…liking…like you…you’re too…you’re Jessica Jung…and I’m…I’m me…can I leave already? I know you joked around with that hitting thing probably laughing about me later… I really can’t take this anymore!” Taeyeon asked a bit desperately and Jessica could already see tears rolling down her cheeks. Meanwhile Jessica couldn’t stop myself and touched her face gently brushing it away.

“Sica…” she shuttered and looked at Jessica sadly meanwhile the girl in question leaned closer whispering until her face was only few inches away from Taeyeon’s “We don’t have a problem here, Taengoo… because I like you too…”

Jessica didn’t leave time for information to sink in and leaned in closing the gap between them kissing Taeyeon gently. Jessica continued on kissing Taeyeon for few minutes keeping it simple, since it was their first kiss. After that she sat back looking at Taeyeon’s lips then at her eyes “so we obviously like each other…”

Jessica spoke up while asking quite randomly in the end “see you tomorrow?”

It took Taeyeon some time but she finally realized what just happened, she blushed which was adorable and smiled shyly “oh…ah…yeah…okay…”



~Present Time~

As much as Taeyeon liked playing hide and seek and remembering the happy times, Sunny interrupted her not giving up with the bell of her apartment (just like Tiffany before) and managing to get inside the apartment when Taeyeon finally gave up unable to fight anymore.

Taeyeon’s expression said it all after noticing Sunny behind her doors, but the girl in question just walked inside as if she owns the place.

“I talked with Hyun.”

“Of course you did…”


“It seems like everyone constantly talks about me behind my back… I’m not surprised at all. But please do come in, let’s continue talking about me… You know how I much I like that,” Taeyeon snared sarcastically while heading back to her room.

The apartment was quite messy since Taeyeon didn’t bother to tidy it after Jessica left. Sunny decided to leave the nagging about this for some other day and instead followed Taeyeon into her room.

“I talked with Fany too. Apparently you ignored her calls for two days.”

“I turn off my phone with hope to have some time for myself.” Taeyeon plopped on her bed without showing her face to Sunny.

“To do what?”

Sunny turn around noticing some photos of Taeyeon and Jessica scattered around the bed. “Are you being nostalgic and remembering the good times of your relationship Taeyeon? If you do… I’m not sure if that’s actually helping you out.”

Not getting any answer just some weird noises and mumbles directed to Taeyeon’s pillow, Sunny also jumped onto her bed and patted her butt. “Come on Taeng… you know I want what’s best for you… don’t shut me out.”

“Yeah… what’s best for me… how funny that sounds…”

“Excuse me?”

“If you wanted what’s best for me… you wouldn’t have arranged that stupid blind date and I wouldn’t have met Jessica again… and wouldn’t have fallen for her… and I wouldn’t have my heart broken now…”

Knowing Taeyeon way too well Sunny give her some time and let those words sink in. After about a minute she asked in a motherly tone “do you actually mean it?”

“No…” Taeyeon whispered defeated and turned to Sunny with tears running down her cheeks. The girl looked adorable, like a child, but the scene of that broke Sunny’s heart too. It was indeed the definition of a broken hearted girl.

Younger girl lay next to Taeyeon and rubbed her cheek “Hey… I’m here… I will stay with you for the rest of the evening and we will talk about stuff… you can still remember the past… but talk with me instead… don’t keep it bottled up inside. Also, I think it would help a little if you remember the bad times too… you can’t think only about positive stuff… it doesn’t help you Taengoo… so let’s talk… let’s remember together. Okay?”

Taeyeon bit her lower lip sadly “Okay.”

~One Year Ago~




Door was slammed when Taeyeon walked out of the apartment without looking back. Since they decided to move in together that’s how they evenings ended at least three times a week with them pointlessly fighting about stupid things and then one of them leaving the apartment. Both girls fuming until they cleared the air. At some times solving their issues at the end of the night, other times Taeyeon was left to sleep on the couch.

There were fights about that usually continued next morning: how Jessica is the princess in their relationship and how Taeyeon even needs to sacrifice her back, sleeping on uncomfortable coach, while Jessica didn’t have to worry and just enjoy the comfort of their bed.

Despite all those fights and storms out, they still managed to forgive each other and it usually ended in a make up sex. Taeyeon always believed that there is nothing better than a make up sex, especially knowing how more aggressive and passionate Jessica got.

~6 Months ago~



“I’m busy… how about tomorrow? I think we can have lunch together then…”

“But I’m already at the place Sica… You told me the same yesterday…”

Taeyeon could hear annoyance in her girlfriend’s voice. She knew that Jessica was really busy with work, especially recently, but she never broke promises. Before at least.

“Will you tell me the same tomorrow too?”

“Taeyeon, I can’t talk right now. I’m really busy. I’m sorry. Let’s talk about this when I get back home.”

Their conversation ended just like that, Jessica probably didn’t even hear Taeyeon’s comment, and older girl had to sigh at that.


Taeyeon looked up after Jessica stopped in front of her, pulled her in a hug and smiled seductively “so how about that trip?”

“Mmm…” Taeyeon raised her hands too, putting them on Jessica’s waist “You know I want to… I really do but…”

“Not work again.”

“Yes. Work again…”

Jessica instantly retreated back, quite angry and not hiding it. “Will we ever go anywhere? I thought we agreed to take a leave from work at the same time so we can go to America, visit my parents and sister.”

Taeyeon didn’t want to let go so she still kept her hands on Jessica’s waist. “I know… and that’s what I want too. But it just… I can’t right now… no one can’t replace me at the moment…”

Taeyeon hoped that Jessica could understand her, since both of their works requested a lot of time, but it seemed that the girl had a mind of her own and just huffed.

“Whatever. I’m still going. Alone.”


The couple half lay-half sat on the couch after their latest activity. Jessica’s head on Taeyeon’s shoulder, while older girl hugged her girlfriend possessively. They enjoyed the calmness and company of each other.

“I’m sorry… I have been really busy with work… and well… I was neglecting you in a way,” Jessica apologized sincerely while turning to look at Taeyeon and kissing her on the cheek.

Taeyeon just smiled at her, a bit tired but contented. “It is okay… I wasn’t always supportive and understanding… I think real life gets in a way sometimes… but as long as we keep on trying… love is all that matters, right?”

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh at her cheesy girlfriend.


~Present Time~

“I thought we’re trying… I did keep on trying… I love her… I thought that’s enough Sun… I thought our love will be enough… I know she loved me too… I mean we fought… there where distance between us at times… but that’s just what happens for every couple that dates longer… also ironically we were  even getting better recently… we really were… and I kept on trying… I just wanted to keep calling her mine… “

Taeyeon finally broke and cried while Sunny hugged her, trying to soothe and calm older girl down.

“It is okay… everything will be okay…”

The calming, that same road down the memory lane, the crying, the consoling continued on through the whole evening until Taeyeon finally fall asleep too emotionally exhausted to keep on going.

Deciding that her friend still needs her Sunny stayed in that same position until morning, even letting Taeyeon wake up first.


“Hey.” Slowly Taeyeon sit up in her bed, her voice was hoarse after all that crying. “Thanks for staying.”

“No problem… I don’t want to mention this… but I need to ask Taeyeon… since I found something on the floor… when I sneaked out to go to the bathroom in the middle of night…”

Taeyeon smiled sheepishly after Sunny’s explanation and even laughed in her dorky way “that was probably hilarious”.

“I’m pretty sure you’re imagining me embarrassingly running there or something but don’t you worry, I didn’t embarrass myself and I didn’t wake you up either, so you should be thankful… but seriously…”

Sunny jumped out from the bed hearing her bones cracking and winced. “I found Fany’s note…”, she took it out of her jeans pocket showing the paper to Taeyeon a bit surprised but nevertheless curious since it looked too suspicious for shorter girl.

“I know she doesn’t need to do such stuff since you two always talk it out, say goodbye and all that stuff… so may question is… since when is Fany leaving you notes? I know some people leave notes after one night stands or…”

Sunny mentioned it quite randomly, not even considering that it might have happened between the two, but Taeyeon’s guilty expression said it all.



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