Love is a Battlefield [Part 2]

“What did you just say?”

If there was ever a moment in here life when Taeyeon was speechless, this one definitely counted as the one where she was most confused.

Tiffany fidgeted slightly, playing with her own fingers, staring at the ground. All that bravely that the girl showed a second ago disappeared into thin air after noticing dumbfounded expression that Taeyeon gave back to her.

The suggestion of course could still be felt in the air, making the situation way more tense.

“Did you just suggest…what I think you suggested?”

Caring about her best friend’s feelings no matter what Taeyeon started thinking for a way of this awkward situation, but Tiffany didn’t help at all. Quite the opposite. It seemed like she got her previous bravely back. She stopped fidgeting with her fingers and looked up, determination could be felt from all her aura.

Determination, bravely and something else that Taeyeon couldn’t quite grasp just yet.

“Yes. I will repeat the question… just to… make sure.” Tiffany cough letting all her doubts disappear.  “So…Tae… you don’t want to forget and have a chance for once with a complete stranger… It makes sense… but I’m no stranger to you. Actually I’m one of the closest people in your life. So my question is simple… how about me? What if you had one night stand with me?”


One minute.




All that time both girls just stared at each other without speaking up. Tiffany decided to wait for some sort of reaction, as hard as it appeared to be with expressionless but probably thinking non-stop Taeyeon in front of her. Meanwhile, just like Tiffany guessed Taeyeon tried to process what she just heard from her best friend. If someone like SeoHyun would have suggested something similar to this, Taeyeon would have instantly started laughing not looking at it seriously. The way that Tiffany looked at her – it didn’t seem like the look of someone who decided to joke around.

“You don’t even… did you forgot that you’re straight…and that straight people don’t go around sleeping with their best friends? I mean… maybe some people do… they call it experiments in college or something like that but… you and me… we’re not some random stupid college girls, Fany. Tiffany.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“I know. I also realize what I have suggested. I’m not taking my… suggestion back. I’m not.”

Taeyeon sigh. She couldn’t found words to describe how weird this whole situation appeared. She tried to remember if Tiffany drank a lot of alcohol but of course, out of all of her friends she was the only one who had such effect to this devil’s drink. Even the youngest of all of her friends, the serious, responsible one, handle her drinks way better than Taeyeon. Also, Tiffany was one of the couple that could drink the most and at the end of the night only get a little bit tipsy. Taeyeon couldn’t blame alcohol for any of this.

“Why are you so serious Taeyeon? I’m not declaring my undying love for you. I’m not expecting or asking anything out of this either. I’m a concern friend who sees that you actually need this and isn’t that the best distraction when you REALLY think about it? When was even the last time when you slept with Jessica? I don’t want to mention her name…I’m sorry about that… but I’m pretty sure that it has been a long time since you actually get some.”

“Doesn’t mean that I need to go around randomly sleeping with people!”

“How is this random? I have already told you, I’m far from random people!”

Taeyeon managed to roll her eyes and shook her head at the same time turning around, ready to go into her apartment since everything that she heard recently sounded like nuisance.

Tiffany wondered what made her react in this sort of way, giving out to the anger and forgetting consequences, but she did reach out for Taeyeon again, not only turning the girl around but kissing her on the lips too.

At first, Taeyeon didn’t plan on kissing Tiffany back at all. She even fought a little bit and she would have stayed in control if Tiffany hadn’t bitten on her lower lip.

Taeyeon’s weak spot that people didn’t actually know about.

The second that Taeyeon got truly shocked was when Tiffany even managed to sneak in tongue into her mouth for more passionate kiss. After this, even Taeyeon was a lost case. Getting lost in passionate moment seemed too easy. It  helped forgetting about the rest of the world.

Tiffany even held hands on Tae’ waist to keep shorter girl in tact and enjoying the dominant role that had to end sooner or later. Unfortunately, realization of her actions somehow got back to Tiffany and she slowly pulled back looking down instead of at the girl that still stood in front of her.

“Is what I’m suggesting really such a nuisance? I know that’s what you have been thinking. I know you too well.  I mean… you know you don’t need to keep everything battled up inside and do this alone…I’m here…”, she didn’t dare to look up and Taeyeon was still silent just panting heavily.

Tiffany coughed awkwardly noticing that even though her lips left Tae’s… her hands had a mind of their own and stayed on Taeyeon’s waist.

“I guess…the fact that you still didn’t give any sign means that I should probably apologize for all of this…”, she rambled again, a bit uncertain and the fact Taeyeon still hasn’t uttered a word made the situation more awkward.

After some time, having no other choice Tiffany mustered her courage and looked up. It didn’t look like Taeyeon planned on moving from her position. Instead she kept on staring at Tiffany’s lips. The same thing that shorter girl must have been doing during all the time Tiffany talked.

Feeling quite self aware Tiffany still questioned  “are you… very…angry with me?”

Tiffany didn’t know how to interpret Taeyeon’s actions (or let’s face it: she did absolutely nothing expect answering the kiss earlier) and silence. In any other situation Taeyeon’s silence was a normal thing that her friends were used to, but this couldn’t be called simple.

It took some time but Taeyeon finally shook her head shortly without answering but looked up to stare back at Tiffany.

Without giving it a second thought, but somehow feeling a bit encouraged Tiffany started leaning ahead for the second time and stopped herself just the last second “I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing” taking a deep breath.

A breath that she indeed needed because after her retreat Taeyeon was the one who leaned in capturing her lips while mumbling “this means nothing.”

It was time for Tiffany to be surprised but she reacted faster than Taeyeon before. Once again they found themselves in situation with a passionate kiss that lead them into Taeyeon’s apartment.

Older girl still kept repeating how all of it meant nothing, trying to convince them both, but finding Tiffany’s lips quite addictive. Tiffany didn’t say anything and didn’t back out from her initial preposition, enjoying the fact how Taeyeon’s and her’s lips fit together and made her giddy inside.


Alarm clock.



Taeyeon practically jumped out of her bed after realizing that it is her phone and it have been ringing for quite some time already which probably meant that someone was impatient.

Taeyeon rolled around in bed and sleepily picked up after noticing that it was SeoHyun. Older girl hoped that the youngest didn’t disturb her sleep for nothing.

“Hey, Taeyeon unnie. Ahem… I’m not sure if I should tell you but… I have just talked with Jessica unnie and…”

“I’m listening.” Taeyeon commented more attentively after hearing Jessica’s name and even sitting straight.

“Well…as I have mentioned… I’m not sure if I should mention it but Jessica unnie is leaving to Paris today… I don’t know if you knew but…”


“I mean since you broke up, you probably didn’t and…”


Taeyeon slightly panicked even jumping out of bed and looking around. Great. Naked. Wait…why am I naked? Oh… right…

“In about two hours… I met her quite accidentally while she was heading there… not sure how long it will… hey… hello?”

Taeyeon put her phone away not really caring much about it and looked around the bed noticing a pink note.

-Call me when you want to meet up for coffee. Don’t you dare disappearing for another week again. – Fany.

Taeyeon couldn’t help but roll her eyes after realizing that Tiffany didn’t go back on her words for ‘helping out’ and will probably now starts pretending that this never happened.

In any other situation Taeyeon would have though if it is the same for her and she can go back to pretending that nothing happened, but right now the girl had other things on her mind.

She looked around quickly picking things around and getting dressed. Airport. Now.


The scene indeed reminded one of those you could witness in romantic movies when Taeyeon shouted from far away and ran to stop Jessica with evident surprise on her face.

“You’re leaving? Why didn’t you tell me that you’re leaving?”

If Jessica was surprised after seeing the girl in front of herself she didn’t show it. “Taengoo, what are you doing here? We broke up… I didn’t really need to tell you everything now, don’t you think?”

“You broke up with me.” Taeyeon commented bitterly.

Jessica smiled sadly and apologetically. Taeyeon could actually see sincerity in her actions when she touched Taeyeon’s cheek and lean in giving older girl a short chase goodbye kiss.

“I did… it was time… for both of us… Since you heard that I’m leaving… you know that I’m going to Paris…and if you’re asking when I’m getting back…I don’t know… it might be years or more… I won’t be rushing back and you shouldn’t be wondering or wait… since I broke up with you.” Jessica ended the sentence on that same sad note.

“I still… don’t understand…”

“I know you don’t. I can’t love you the same and I can’t stay in this relationship… so this where we are saying our goodbyes. Please, Taengoo, just let me go without any more dramas especially here, okay?”

Jessica felt the need to request the last thing when Taeyeon grabbed her hand after that short kiss before. Luckily for younger girl Taeyeon slowly pulled her hand away and looked down. Defeated.


The sign in front of her did break Jessica’s heart but it was the time to leave so that is what she did.

Jessica did wave her hand before turning around and walking away but she didn’t glance back to see if Taeyeon stood at the same place for longer. She knew Taeyeon did. Waiting for the very last moment with hope that Jessica might still turn around… wondering if Jessica actually didn’t care about her anymore.

In that position Taeyeon didn’t get to see Jessica’s face too. She didn’t see the tear that Jessica quickly brushed away from her cheek, because the truth is simple…

Things are never as simple and easy as they seem to be.



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