Love is a Battlefield [Part 1]

Taeyeon sigh and rolled her eyes. That’s the only reaction she gave to her best friend Tiffany who insisted to hear what is happening and why she looks so down lately. Taeyeon was never a bubble person, running around or smiling like tomorrow doesn’t matter, but even during the hardest of times, she didn’t force her smile. At least not in front of her friends. Apparently, it changed recently. Tiffany couldn’t remember the last time she saw Taeyeon smiling and it hurt. Seeing someone who you care about so deeply looking and feeling down, truly hurt.

“Just please… talk to me. You know I’ll listen. I want to know what’s the matter with you… I understand if you don’t tell stuff like that to others… but me? I thought we have no secrets”.

Taeyeon sigh. Defeated.

“What do you want to know Fany?”

“Why are you so down? What’s the matter? I haven’t seen your sincere smile for awhile. Maybe it involves Jessica? I know your relationship… well it was a bit rocky lately… does it involve her? Jessica has been pushing me away too… I mean… let’s face it… I’m not her number one fan… we’re not friends or anything but… she usually answered my questions involving you… so…”

Tiffany had no idea what those questions did to Taeyeon and the fact that smaller of the two didn’t answer, only made Tiffany continue in asking. She felt determined to know everything, silent treatment wasn’t working anymore. Also, it is not like she could ask anyone else. No one knew what’s the matter with those two.


No one.

It took good 10 minutes for Tiffany to continue asking questions and Taeyeon staring ahead into nothing. It looked like her soul just left her body for that period of time and it didn’t rush on getting back. Only when Tiffany shut her mouth and stopped with the questions, Taeyeon stood up, not giving in.

Not yet.

“We will talk about this some other time, okay? Just not today… I’m really… really… not in the mood”.

Tiffany didn’t even get a chance to react when Taeyeon stood up and left the room.

Well it didn’t go well.



Taeyeon lay on her bed in a fetus position. The girl stopped crying few days ago… probably because there were no more tears left.

At first, she wondered how long can someone cry before they feel nothing… before they feel empty and stop responding to the world around them.

It has been almost a week… a week since Jessica left her. Three years of relationship… and now… Taeyeon was all alone. Alone in this gigantic apartment that once belong to both of them.

All Taeyeon saw around was darkness and not because it was a night time. The truth was, Taeyeon didn’t bother to open her eyes up, there was nothing to look forward to.

Taeyeon thought back on their relationship. They were happy, yes they fight… but all things considered — they were just an ordinary couple.

Maybe that’s why Taeyeon hadn’t expected Jessica to tell her that it is over. To tell her that she had thought about it for a long time, but waited only because she didn’t want to hurt Taeyeon.

What was left for Taeyeon to do was just lie down and think about her misery.



Taeyeon stood up and walked to the door, not being able to bear the sound. Someone kept knocking even though normally people would have given up after have an hour.

Taeyeon didn’t need to check who came and opened the door immediately.

“Fany…what a surprise” commenting a bit bitterly.

“You haven’t picked up your phone for a week…they send me to check if you’re still alive”.

Taeyeon went inside the apartment looking around shortly.


“Is there…something that you actually need?”

“YES! You know…first of all, it is not the end of the world… secondly, you’re not the only one hurting in this world”.

Taeyeon rolled her eyes not showing much of an interest, before she got a change to comment or ask Tiffany to leave, younger girl added.

“Now…get dressed… we’re going out and helping you to move on!”

“What…no…what would be the point?”

“What would be the point? How about not giving up on everything? Yes, I know… three years of a relationship is… well… indeed a long time… you’re hurting now, but locking yourself inside this apartment won’t help… neither for you…nor for all of us… we worry about your health TaeTae. So go and change. I’m not taking no for an answer”.

All Taeyeon could do was sigh. She could never win against Tiffany.


Taeyeon looked around and sigh (AGAIN) while playing with her drink. “I mean I get it…some people prefer spending their Friday nights at the club… but I didn’t think we belong to that category”.

Surprisingly Seohyun was excited and enjoyed her time in the dance floor meanwhile Tiffany (who did the same just a minute ago, decided to check on sulking Taeyeon).

“I think we deserve to relax a little bit…and clear our minds… for example you could try to have a chat with someone… meet new people, who knows you might just get a crush on someone”.

“Really, Fany? REALLY? After three years in a relationship and only a week later after the break up? I can move on just like that? And why are you so full of energy?”

Taeyeon raised her eyebrows looking at one of her best friends skeptically.

“Why not? What’s the point of staying in your room and crying? What would you gain by that? Nothing! Instead you could try something you never did before.”

Tiffany commented with determination.

“And that is…?” Taeyeon once again questioned keeping the conversation going but not showing too much of an interest.

“One night stand!” Tiffany stated excitedly.

Hearing that Taeyeon spilled her drink accidentally (probably trying to process the latest information) “…wait… what?”

“You have been with Jessica for three years… You haven’t been with anyone else. I mean… You have never considered being with someone else as you were pretty sure, that you two will stay together forever. But life doesn’t work that way… so yeah… tonight you should try doing something out of ordinary”.

“You’re joking, right?”

“Since when you’re against it?”

“Since… you once told me…that it is pointless…I mean come on… I would be sleeping with someone who I’m not going to see ever again! Isn’t that kind of irresponsible? Also… I would obviously be sleeping with someone who only wants me for my body! No one looks at one night stand seriously!”

Seohyun came to the girls at the same time putting both hands on Tiffany’s shoulders and looking at Taeyeon excitedly.

“Heeeey! What are you two talking about? Let’s go dancing! The night is young!”

“You’re barely standing…”

Taeyeon commented judgmentally.

“But you’re here so… please tell Tiffany that having a one night stand with complete stranger is TOTALLY not worth it and it is pointless!”

“Oh…you’re planning that?”

Taeyeon seemed annoyed and tired “I’m certainly not planning that. Instead, I would rather go home. You’re barely standing Seo, so I think it would be better to take you home too.”

After a second or so she turned and looked at Tiffany, slightly annoyed, which younger girl could sense after knowing Taeyeon for so many years.

“You’re going or not?”




After bringing Seohyun home and confirming that she got to her bed safely, without causing trouble, embarrassing herself or throwing up after consuming so much alcohol, the two headed back home, or at least that was the plan until Tiffany questioned.

“Maybe I should stay with you? Who knows, you might lock yourself for another week and ignore our calls. You do know we kept on calling you none stop every day, right?”

Taeyeon didn’t have strength in herself to argue about it, so just drove directly to her home, dealing with occasional Tiffany’s attempts to get her attention.






As you can guess none of these attempts worked, they only angered Taeyeon more. She stood her ground though, and didn’t speak up until they reached the apartment and walked hand in hand.

Only 5 minutes later, she finally sigh, unable to keep on being angry at her best friend any longer.

“I don’t get where you get your crazy ideas from, but seriously Tiffany… I would never do that with a stranger…”

Taeyeon was met with silence and honestly, it did surprise older girl. She even felt guilty for ignoring Tiffany all the way back, but after turning around and coming face to face with Tiffany, she squinted her eyes confused. Next words that came from Tiffany’s mouth was something that never expected to hear.

“So how about me. What if you had one night stand with me?”




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